For those of you on Lantus/Levemir, how many times a day do you take either/or?

I am now on Lantus (Previously on Levemir) and I take it every 12 hours; I split my 24 hour dose. Does anyone else do this? 

No...I take Lantus once/day.  I would hate splitting it in half because it would mean taking 1 more shot per 365 more shots per year haha.

Oh boy, I feel you there!! My only issue was when I was taking my Levemir (about 2 months ago I ended it) I was going extremely low within the first 6 hours of taking it, and in the last 6 before I took it the next day, I was running extremely high. Once I split it, I found it worked better... but yes, much more shots! Now I am nervous to go back to one shot of Lantus, due to the happenings with the Levemir... ironic, huh? 

Yeah, I wouldn't put up with those crazy lows and highs either.  I haven't had any problems with the once a day Lantus, but I'm definitely still in my honeymoon phase so I'm probably not the best example for you haha.  I've only been diagnosed about 2 1/2 months.

Wow! Congratulations for being so open and willing to talk about the disease; I am a firm believer that it really helps! It isn't only a physical disease, but a mental as well. I have been type 1 since 2005, and have done it all. Insulin pump, CGM, shots. If you have any questions, feel free! 

I've been taking split doses of Lantus for almost as long as I've been on it. We tried the single dosage for 3 or 6 months but then switched over to two. I remember my endo making a comment along the lines of "well you're not in the 2% of diabetics who can take a single dose" and from reading posts on this forum, a good majority of us on Lantus take an AM and PM dose everyday.

I am also on Lantus 35 units at night. I have been on it for about a year and a half. I only take one shot a day, at night. I used to take 4 shots a day when I was on Humalog  three times a day and Humulin N at night. I have found since switching my levels have really become more stable.

I have never heard of anyone splitting their Lantus shot before. I think this is very interesting. I don't have insurance at the moment so i haven't been to a doctor in over a year about my diabetes, guess i should think about getting an A1C done, eh.

I currently take one shot a day of Lantus. At one time my endo suggested that I split my dose into a morning and night shots. I tried it for about 4 months (in between doctor's visits) but I didn't notice a significant difference in my control and that one extra shot a day was so annoying that I told him I needed to go back to just taking it at night. Since I've switched back, my control has been fine.

Many people split doses - sometimes not quite in half - say 8 units in AM and 12 units at night - depending on your body needs. If you aren't battling highs or lows at the same time every day (like you did with the Levemir), then I wouldn't see a reason to split.

I have been on the split dose of Levemir since I have been on it, nearly five years and I find it so much better this way. I had previously been on Lantus and was just taking one injection and gained massive weight from doing that!!!

I've been diabetic for 10 years, and for the last 2 months, my endo had me to switch from Lantus to Levimir, because he thought that Lantus wasn't effective for me anymore due to my blood sugar #s.

I recently started splitting the dose and take half in the morning, and the other half before dinner. I've noticed a huge difference, and the insulin just seems to be more effective this way. My blood sugars have been more consistent and I feel better!

i have been diabteic for 14 years now and i was on levemier till my endo said i needed to switch to lantuse i do split them it is one in the morning and then one at night befor i go to bed i have seen a change in my blood surgers. Hope this helps

yes u should i am on iowa care here and it is a state program but i dont know where u live but i would check and see if your area have a state program and go get checked out that is not a good thing to go on and dont go see one

I don't split my Lantus dosage. I shoot 15 units now at bedtime

I currently take lantus (12 units) at bedtime. When I first started lantus it took almost 3 weeks for my body to adjust to it. When I was on levemir it caused extreme lows for me even after my dosage was adjusted multiple times. I guess I'm more sensitive to levemir.

I split my lantus dose -- 4 and 4. It really helped bring down my a1c's about 6 years ago -- worth the extra injection for me.

I currently take Lantus . i take 25 units once a day. i take mine each evening before dinner along with my novalog. It works well for me .

ok so someone mentioned that splitting it helped control their weight. is this true for most people? i'm newly dx'd ?and i've become terrified of gaining weight. :/ 

Talk to your endocrinologist about this, but excerising is a the best way to keep your weight under control and of course eating right. I know you probably hear that a lot. My daughter never had a problem with lantus but she is no longer on it since she is on a pump. I am not sure if splitting your dose is the best thing, unless your endocrinologist allows you do it. Your blood sugar may go up. But check with them first!  Good luck!


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