Current Ad on ebay about a boy with T1

I was searching Diabetes on ebay tonight and I found this add.

I have to reactions to this: sad, and weird. I'm torn between the two.

If I was the parent, I would do everything I could in order to make the pump possible for my child. But I don't know if things would come to the point of Ebay....? It just seems like a... well, weird thing to resort to.

On the other hand, you know. It's sad the father can't afford the $1500... Like I said, I'm torn. Hm... thanks for posting this, it's interesting to read.

Wow, interesting way to solicit help.  Looks legit based on profile and honorable feedback history.  I can sympathise but wonder why the story isn't attached to a product for sale? Ebay is after all a marketplace to trade good for legal tender.  I would be more inclined to help if she was selling something, anything... A used spatula, a bee hive, dryer lint, etc. 

If I had a child who was ill and I thought there was something I could do to help make them better I would do it. If this person is honest and legit I see nothing wrong with what they are doing. I hope it all works out for them.

I'm not sure I would trust something like this, I looked at some of their other purchases in the past and it seems that if they didnt spend money on these extra things they would have the money for the pump for their son.

Just sayin...otherwise I would have purchased one

I could only find 2 purchases in the last 90. Both items totaled $11 with shipping.  Would be nice if pumps were $11, that would be ;)

i'm not too surprised by this. my mom stills tells me stories she saw on the news when the pump first came out and wasn't covered at all(when we talk about how lucky i am to have insurance through work) families were selling off everything they could at garage sales and having bake sales to try and raise the money just for the actual pump and not the supplies. if i didn't have 100% coverage atm, i'd be paying the same deductible for the pump(if i go on it before my coverage gets re-set to 80% jan 1st!)

it's strange they aren't selling get the kid to draw a few pictures saying "thank you" in exchange..but i'm not surprised they are using the net. you can only do so much in your own town, especially with so many people struggling atm.

but i have to disagree with you Greg..they may have spent money in the past, but who hoards there money in case their kid gets diabetes and wants to go on the pump? average families don't plan ahead for that kind of thing. even if they spent money after the kid was diagnosed..not everyone rushes to the pump right off the bat, and with insurance, you often think you'll be spared a deductible.

i know i won't be saving my money ahead of time to prepare for the chance my kid is diagnosed with diabetes and wants to go on a pump. maybe the money they spent were savings they had tucked away and decided to use a bit of for something fun? isn't that the point of saving? so you can spend it on something later? i'm sure if they had expected this deductible, they would've been more selective in what they spent.


as soon as my dad gets home im donating getting a pump meant the world to me and i would love to help another kid get on a pump

they should be selling, pins/t-shirts, or even just a picture, or poster of the kid, or the pump that theyre raising for.. because it would make more sense