Cutting back on medicine and supplies due to income

I am having a hard time with my finances and I know it is wrong but I don't

know what to do. I have insurance but I am still having a hard time paying

for the co pay. I haven't been changing my pump as often as I suppose to. And

not checking my blood sugar as I should. Is there anything or anyplace that can

help during this difficult time?

Try these resources:

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactuers Association - Assistance program available to help offset the cost of supplies and prescritption medicines 1.800.762.4636

If you use the freestyle meter they have a presription card, that works with your insurance to help cover the cost of strips. I've had some familes say it's saved them alot of money.

Hope that's helpful.


Could you go on injections for a little while until your financial situation improves?  I know this isn't ideal when you're used to the pump but injections are fine too and are usually quite a bit cheaper, well for me they were anyway.  I think it's more important to test regularly than be on the pump as your safety is at risk if you're not testing enough.

Maybe you could ask your doctor for samples.  My endo gives me sample test strips and lantus sometimes.  I hope you find a good solution! :)