Cutting carbs?

So I was talking with one of my trainers last night and the discussion came to my diet. They're happy that I've started eating more than 1-2 meals a day, but are reportedly unhappy about my high carb diet. He recommended that I cut carbs. They recommend that we eat lots of meats and vegetables that are high in fats and proteins, and that doing so will give us the results we are looking for in our training.

My only question is, doesn't this sound a lot like the Atkins diet? Which in turn wasn't good for you? I'll get some clarification tonight, but for breakfast today I had eggs, bacon, and sausage...plenty of fat/protein in that one.

I know Ginger is all about eating a small amount of carbs after a workout...I'll ask them about that tonight too.

Hey Pat,


Check this: Using insulin to store fat or build insulin?


And carb articles included!!! Don't do Atkins!




Hi Ginger...digging the new pic. None of you doing an overhead squat? :P

But yeah, I talked with the trainers last night to figure out what the deal was and whether or not they were basically telling us to jump on Atkins. He said that the goal of cutting down carbs is to get less of a spike in glucose (which he noted he's sure I'm familiar with haha) and to train our bodies to burn fat rather than carbs for energy. He admitted that I can't go out and run a marathon solely by "burning fat," but that with the workouts we do (1 hr, very high intensity), the goal is to get your body to use the fat for energy.

I did start eating better though :) I'm trying to cut out all 'bad carbs' so no more pizza, nachos, burgers...etc. Last night for dinner I went to my local restaurant/bar and floored my waitress (also my friend) when I ordered a greek salad, french onion soup, and grilled chicken with broccoli.

Was awesome, and I didn't use 40 units of insulin like I would had I gotten the usual carb attack. :)

hahaha, cutting pizza helped? No kidding! :) Pat.


Eating clean foods and no junk should be your first goal.


You can also look up "Carb cycling" -- that's basically what I follow for powerlifting. Lots of carbs and protein on the days I train, more fats and protein on the two days that I don't. But now that I'm powerlifting, my body uses carbs much better than it used to. If I ate as many carbs as I do now, I'd just gain fat!

yeah but you don't understand I liked my bad foods! well i'm sure you do understand, but it's going to be a challenge to eat well since bad food is so much cheaper than good food.

to harken back to what my trainers said, they want us to train our bodies to burn fat for quick energy rather than carbs because it's what ancient man/woman did. they did not have an abundance of carb filled foods...or any carbs at all probably. Hunter gatherers...hunt it, kill it, eat it. Fat/protein right there. Worked for them, why can't it work for me?

I got "yelled" at by my trainers earlier this week for consuming a lot of carbs so i'm trying to cut back on that...doing an ok job of it. They said it was still OK to drink though...phew! :)