CVAC Systems?

Has anyone heard of CVAC Systems or had the opportunity to use it?  CVAC stands for "Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning".   Also from their website - "CVAC Systems, Inc.’s primary focus is researching the potential of the CVAC process in insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes."    I ask because my sister saw a doc yesterday who mentioned it to her.  She does not have diabetes but it's used for performance enhancement as well - evidently the doc does it who is an avid runner.  Needless to say he said they were doing a study at UCSD on those with type1 and type 2 diabetes.   I'm curious if any of you San Diego folks have heard about it.  I do not see it listed as a study on their website.    Not a cure but maybe it can help until one comes along.  Here's a link if any of you want to take a look.    They are based out of Temecula, CA.