I am riding Ragbrai, a 433-mile bike ride across Iowa, at the end of July and am looking for any advice that anyone may have on managing my sugars during the ride. I have an insulin pump and cgms. I will be riding approx. 60-70miles each day. I have been lowering my basal rate, drinking gatorade and eating protein bars during my practice rides, but want to make sure that I'm not missing something.


Sounds like fun!  I've never done long rides stretched over days like this one.  I've only ever done a century in one day.

 I wonder if there is anything out on the Team Type 1 website about how they train?  I've met a couple of those cyclists and the two I talked to both said that their insulin needs on day 1 & 2 were different than what they needed after that.  (Of course, now I can't remember if they needed more or less... I think more?).    

At least you have the CGM, that makes all the difference for me when I'm riding.  

Thanks Katie, good suggestion.

More, huh? That seems weird, but I've never done this before, so I don't know. 

A century in one day. That's sounds intense. Good for you! Maybe we will try that sometime if all goes well in July.

I agree, I love the CGM for this type of exercise. It's great.

I don't have any advice, but it definitely would be interesting to talk to someone on Team Type 1.  

When I cycle, my main issue is just being able to identify lows.  I just got back from a ride where I felt off, but I thought it was because I was high.  I started to feel too fatigued so I came home, tested (I guess I should carry my glucose monitor on me...) and I was at 50.  Wayyyyy off from what i though it would be.  I'm doing a metric century on the 4th of July and I know with the heat it'll be impossible for me to identify lows.  Guess I'll just be checking  A LOT.


Diabetes sucks.

skittles they dont melt and are small theyr perfect for raising bg and taste amazing at the same time plus theyr quick and u no exactly how many carbs your getting

Sounds like you know what your doing. If you aren't already I'd reduce boluses by around 50% if there within a few hours of a ride 

Thanks for all the advice! I finished the ride and it was so rewarding! My sugars remained steady with the exception of overnight. I got a lot of lows, so I had to lower my overnight basal.