D Birthday

I just wanted to share with everyone that today I was de'dx with type 1 diabetes when I was 3 1/2 years old. I dont think that i could have made 12 years with living with diabetes if it was not for my family and friends and everyone on Juvenation that helped. And today I am leaveing for snow camp at 3:15pm with my youth group.

Aww, happy D dayy hehe :)

It's so good to see that you've had it for so long and your still going strong!

We can have cake to celebrate your anniversary and see who's the best at carb counting!

All bad jokes aside, it sounds like you're doing great with your diabetes and life in general.  Have fun this weekend.  Getting away from the distractions of everyday life gives you such a great opportunity to pray and get deep into the Bible.  I hope it's a great experience for you that builds your faith and your friendships with all the people in your youth group.   

Rosalie Rose -

I'll second the cake suggestion - what could be better than a large cake and a fun game of Bolus-Bingo???

Congratulations - unlike a lot of achievements (like running a race) - we don't get to stop but gratitude and diligence and keeping your priorities together is a fantastic combination of traits!  

Until there's a cure and beyond, my wish for you is that you continue to ride your successes to a long life with many healthy happy years.

well done!





Yes, Janie I and sitll going strong but it takes a lot to keep going everyday, But after 12 years of having d i think i am can do that. :)

Jenna, I will be eatting out for dinner with my youth group, And my mom and I ate out for lunch too. Yes I am happy and looking forward to spending the weekend with my youth group and getting to kown more about the bible. And i get the hang out with all my great friends today.