D Camps

So I here that camps for diabetes are amazing. I would really like to go to one this summer because I've heard so many great and wonderful things about them. The problem is finding one. Is there like a website with a list of diabetes camps in your area? or do any of you know of any camps in my area( Kansas- Missouri, maybe even Colorado, or Oklahoma)?

I went to Camp Sweeney in gainesville, tx for 5 years, and I loved it! check it out campsweeney.org

Autumn, check out the ADA's website. I found a couple in my state that I plan on being a counselor for.

Camp EDI is in Frederick Town MO (southern MO)


I'm thinking of going too. It'd be my first time since I was diagnosed in august

The site "Children with Diabetes" has a list of several in many states. That's ChildrenwithDiabetes.com and scan down the left column for camps. Not sure why but they have old years (2009, 2010, etc) still listed, so look for the RED numbers for future information.