D for Dummies: Carbohydrates

Whether or not a person knows what diabetes is, he or she usually knows the disease has something to do with sugar. At it’s most basic level, diabetes is all about sugar: how it’s processed in the body, how much of it is in the foods we eat, how eating sugar affects the body’s performance. To explain the complete role of sugar in a diabetic’s life would require a 100 page thesis; so instead I’m only going to tackle one small portion in today’s D for Dummies segment.

Carbohydrate Basics

**I am not a medical professional and do not intend any information I write to serve as medical advice or absolute truth. My knowledge is based on a decade of life with diabetes but I have not studied any related sciences. In fact, I’m an English major. Also, please don’t take offence to the name “D for Dummies.” I’m sure you are very smart.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Read on...