DADs (Diabetic Assistance Dogs)

Our 6 year old is now officially a type 1-er. She had her first dose of insulin two days ago. Things are going as expected - learning what her body needs.
We are looking for a DAD in the tri-state area. But are willing to travel a little for the right trainer and pup.
Please advise!

Hi @PreT1DKinderMom. It’s been a few days since you posted and I don’t see any responses yet. I don’t have a DAD (well, the furry kind) so I can’t disk from experience, but I did find a couple online that you might check out. I’ve heard various reports that not all medical assist trainers are legit, so of course you’ll need to do some serious research but here’s a place to start. Some may only service certain areas but may be able to refer you to ones closer to you if need be.

The article below is a few years old but provides some guidelines and cautions on finding a DAD, as well as some links to some organizations.
Wishing you the best in finding a service dog.