Ok.  We'll try it as a new "thread" starting tomorrow for today's numbers.

We have to make it simple and also a "Judgment-Free Zone."
What that means is that:

1. No one can comment on anyone elses numbers UNLESS the poster

2. It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to compare your numbers with
anyone elses numbers.

3. BRAGGING is completely out of line.

(Any of these offenses is punishable by a $1 donation to Juvenation.)

The numbers we'll be looking for are:

1. Number of carbs consumed (deduct fiber)
2. Number of hours (or minutes) in moderately-strenuous exercise
3. Number of blood sugar readings taken and average blood sugar.

All posted numbers will be for the day before.

We may actually end up confirming (or disproving) some science
because you would expect a correlation between diet, exercise and blood sugars.

I am now going to repost this message under a new thread called

This starts tomorrow with today's numbers.

Since this thread grows out of a thread about "will power" and "self-discipline"
it would be best that IF you make the commitment to YOURSELF to doing it
that you DON'T GIVE UP.  If you miss a day... pick it up the next day.
Please don't make any public excuses.

Great idea,

Can't wait to share mine tomorrow! Now, I don't know if this is true with anyone else but I notice when I log everything my blood sugars are sooo much better.

I've noticed that everything is better for me, Gina, because other people are looking at what I'm doing. So I can justify it to myself but what is bad is just bad with a 3rd (2nd?) party :D Like I had a brownie on my plate for lunch, but Paul said to log carbs. So I gave it up lol

Alyssa,... now you make me feel bad.  Try substituting a lower-carb snack for the brownie.
How about some celery and carrots with a little dip?  How about a rye cracker with a slice of cheese?
Um-um-good.  Yummie!!!

LOL no need to feel bad, Paul. If anything you should feel good - I didn't need that brownie anyway :D

Wait, just carbs or calories too?

Who cares if you have a brownie? I don't. Noone is judging you for being human. If you want a brownie eat it.


:) good. Then I will have one too LOL

I would say carbs only because they play by far the major role in blood sugar elevation. Proteins and fats, while they may play a part in weight gain or loss, don't cause rapid rises and falls in blood sugar.  The specific types of carbs (eg. grains, fruits, vegetables) and their glycemic index are more relevant to diabetes than total calories, but this is getting way to comoplicated.  I'd say go with straight carbs minus the fiber for now.

Meme had asked about including the insulin dosage, but this should be directly related to the other 3 factors --  carbs, exercise and blood sugar. It would only be interesting to see it if someone was running consistently high or low blood sugars in which case the calculations for either their basal rate, carb ratio or correction bolus need to be adjusted.  I wouldn't include it.

In rethinking the rules, I also think it would be best if people did not ask for comments or advice here.  Perhaps this could be directed to another thread or private message.  So no asking for comments or commenting on anyone else.  No comparisions, judgments or bragging.

It should look something like this: 75 carbs, 60 mins exercise, 6 BG Tests - 120 mg/dl avg.  That's it.

Paul - It was mentioned in another thread but I thought I'd ask you here as well.  Do you have a minimum of fiber grams say 3 before you take it off the carb count?  I ask becuase I used to do that but it has never had an effect on me.  If I have something that is really high fiber and I take it out of the carb count, I don't get enough insulin.  It seems like it works for some and not for others (I think Gina is like me but she can confirm that).  Anywho, no big deal, I just think that people should count the carbs the way they do now and make adjustments later if they see they need to make them.  Thx

Monday, July 6, 2009

Paul Glantzman
Carbs: 55  (Calories:  1010)
Exercise:  2 hours total (1:15 at gym)
Blood Sugar: 7 test results, Average:  116
Total Insulin taken (basal+bolus by pump): 31 units


I counted all carbs including fiber.  Since we are NOT comparing our results
to each other, it's only important that YOU calculate YOUR results the same
way each time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paul Glantzman
Carbs: 101  (Calories:  1730)
Exercise:  1:40 hours total (1:20 at gym)
Blood Sugar: 7 test results, Average:  99
Total Insulin taken (basal+bolus by pump): 32 units

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paul Glantzman
Carbs: 63  (Calories: 898)
Exercise:  2:05 hours total (1:20 at gym)
Blood Sugar: 6 test results, Average:  118
Total Insulin taken (basal+bolus by pump): 35 units

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paul Glantzman
Carbs: 121  (Calories: 1335)
Exercise:  1:45 hours total (1:20 at gym)
Blood Sugar: 8 test results, Average:  144
Total Insulin taken (basal+bolus by pump): 48 units

Friday, July 10, 2009

Paul Glantzman
Carbs: 39  (Calories: 853)
Exercise:  1:45 hours total (1:20 at gym)
Blood Sugar: 7 test results, Average:  113
Total Insulin taken (basal+bolus by pump): 33 units

HI, paul,Are you still following the diet by the Dr. B. ?

Hi Meme,

Yes, I'm still on Dr. B.'s diet but have had a couple of mishaps with nightime lows and and my workout routine.  But, I'm gradually getting the hang of it and have lost a nice amount of weight.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paul Glantzman
Carbs: 81  (Calories: 1362)
Exercise: 2:10 hours total (1:10 at gym)
Blood Sugar: 5 test results, Average:  113
Total Insulin taken (basal+bolus by pump): 28 units


I think what you have started here is a great idea. And it will hopefully teach some of us how to take better care of ourselves. But it also makes me sad right now because I know that at this point I can't particapte just because of finanices(money!!) I'm struggling as it is to have supplies and no one in my area will help anyone that is on an insulin pump, but I'm not giving up hope yet. So I figure that by the time I'm ready to participate I will have relearned what I need to and be able to afford the supplies to keep up with my commentiment. So hopefully you will still be running this by then and I would love to contruibte as well.