Dairy causing highs

For the last month or so my daughter seems to have middle of the night highs if she eats dairy for a bed time snack. She likes yogurt and pudding. We have tried a 60/40 2.5 hour combo bolus too and nothing seems to help. The yogurt is non fat Stoneyfield Farm strawberry. We managed to talk her out of eating dairy for one night and she was 129. WIth dairy she is over 200 for a bed time snack. She really likes it and doesn't want to give it up.  

Any suggestions? She can eat dairy for breakfast and lunch without a problem. 

what number over 200? I never panic unless my bg is at least 240. The dairy has protein in it and protein keeps bgs higher for longer periods of time. You could try to give her less dairy or just bolus more.

To be reliable - do a 3 day test without dairy. One day could just be a fluke.

Our son is on a pump and he has his highest basal rate from 8pm- 12am. Our endo said that kids can tend to do a lot of hormone dumping in the time period right after they go to sleep and this will cause high BGs. So it is possible it isn't the dairy that is causing the spike - that is why you should have more than 1 data point to say if it is or isn't the dairy.

That yogury is my non-T1's daughter's favorite too. :)