How do you guys manage keeping your blood sugars in control if you have practice after practice?? I'm finding it super tricky (I'm a pre-company dancer who dances 6 days a week for over 3 hours at a time). Any tips?? Every tip helps :D Thanks!

So I am not a dancer and I can't even imagine the struggle you must have, so props to you!

I am a softball player and sometimes I have really long tournaments when we play like 7 games in one day.  Worst part is I usually don't know how many games I am going to have.  Are you getting lows?  I always make sure I eat before a long workout (obviously give yourself time to digest a bit) and make sure I eat protein with it.   maybe even have a light snack in between if you get a break.

Also if I know I am going to have a whole day of exercise I lower my lantus the night before.  Are you using a pump or multiple shots?  I am thinking about getting a pump, everyone I know says it changed their life and makes controlling your numbers much easier.  They have tubeless ones now, the omnipod.  

Don't know if that helped but good luck!  

I am a dancer and there are some days that I go super low, and some when I go super high during practice....I just have to test before every practice and some days I have to eat, others I have to give insulin.  

It also depends on what we will be doing that day in practice-conditioning, drilling, skills, technique, etc...every day is different and i have a lot of trouble predicting what will happen that day! some times the more intense dances make me go higher.

so if you figure out any tips or ideas, let me know(:

I've been a professional ballerina for about a year now. I dance 6 days a week for 5 hours. It is very tricky to keep your levels from not going low. I always have gel icing with me as well as glucose tablets. I have a dexcom CGM which has been so helpful for me when I dance. I usually keep my pump in my bra as well as my CGM transmitter vibrates every time my levels go below 70 mg/dl. My best advice is to get a CGM if you don't already have one. It will SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!