Dancing in the shower!


okay so i luv 2 dance 2 any song...

one day before lunch i tested my BS... it was about 14mmol (p.s. i dont take insulin at lunch) neway wen i was in the shower i had this song stuck in my head and i started to dance!! lol oh and i almost fell lol!! well after my approx. 10 min. shower my mom wanted me to take my BS again and cud not believe it...it was 4.(something)!! it had dropped 10mmol points b/c i was DANCING IN THE SHOWER!!

Some ppl may sing in the shower, But i DANCE!! lol =D  =>  =D


awsome! i love to dance in the shower

i want a shower big enough to dance in... :-/

lol i totally sing, and dance in the shower.. but i get too into it, and 50% of the time I fall right out of the bathtub lol. but Im going to spend even MORE time dancing to lower my lvls lol :D...I hip hop it out of the tub.. literally

nice, i need to figure out how to dance with a pump attached. oh wait i can use the pump as a mic as i sing and dance. oh im so using that. :D

totally i've gone low to 1.3mmols in the shower dancing before lol i bring my stereo outside the door ands just blast it its hilarious!

:P Just on the topic of dancing in the shower lol I tripped getting in the shower (my feet were sweaty, thus slippery lol from running) getting ready for a school dance -- haha it bruised in less than an hour. It was great lol