Has anyone tried this?is it accurate?

@Yellowbailey17 hi Samantha… no but it looks like every other smart meter, maybe bigger than what I like.

I typically get meters from my endo and pump manufacturer, companies should actually give them away because it’s the strips that make them money … not the meter.

per the FDA regulation on meter accuracy:

For glucose meters used by people with diabetes at home (“over-the-counter”), the FDA guidance specifies the following accuracy standards: 95% of all measured blood glucose meter values must be within 15% of the true value (a lab measurement); and. 99% of meter values must be within 20% of the true value.
(Oct 31, 2016)

Thanks @Joe yeah, I know a lot aren’t accurate I wore the Dexcom G5 for bout 3 months and finally realized I was checking my BS on my meter just as often as if I wasn’t wearing one at all and gave up on it completely. Im back to checking my BS at every meal and counting carbs and all that… its a hassle.