Data collection and insulin overshot

Hi guys

Do you keep a log of your blood sugar level at a regular basis? Does your doctor ask you to do this?

Anyone has ever done an overdose of insulin by accident?


I never do- I did 20 years ago.
But I am trying now because whenever I go to see my ends ($500. visit!!) Im not helping myself by not bringing that info.
But I find it absolutely impossible with how busy life is.

Years ago before I was on the pump, when doing a Basal once or twice a day I accidentally gave myself Humalog instead of the large amount of Basal.!!!
We called ambulance- but thank god when i tested i was in the 200’s and just juiced it up!! Phew!

Certainly I keep a record; I’ve done that, first urine tests until BG meters came along, for the last 50 years.
I keep a small notebook with me into which I enter BG, meals, insulin and any significant event such as heavy work or activity; I have my own shorthand which only I know - well, my wife of 50 years can usually decipher. In recent years I don’t share the notebook with doctors, but I always print and bring with me pump settings and 2, 4, 8 and 12 week records & charts of BG, Carb, insulin and activity.