Dating a diabetic

Has any of you guys ever had diabetic girlfriend?

sorry, no. But if you're looking for input on what it's like dating a diabetic I can have my wife reply.

Hey Chris,


I did once.  She was a great person and T1 too.  We were able to share a lot and it felt close and cool ... but I could see that we could easily become too connected on a level that filled a void, and in the end it did not work out .. for a number of reasons .. one being the she was T1.


Only once as an early teen.  It was cool - but I think for me the biggest advantage was that I was at an age where being different was almost physically painful and it was like the weight was lifted because we had that in common.  That said, as I got older and worried less about whether or not I fit and started looking more for someone with whom I there was a good mutual match... (did that even make any sense?!?!?) - well-  anyhow - it didn't really seem to matter much.  I think as long as there is a good amount of respect on both sides and an understanding that whatever the similarities - you'll both manage the disease differently - it'd be nice to have that extra bit of support.

Your turn! Are you dating a D? Found one you fancy?  I sure wouldn't let it stop you! LOL



I'm not sure how I would react to dating another diabetic.  I've never even had a friend with diabetes let alone be in a relationship with one.  It's probably got some good and bad right?  So when you say "too connected on a level that fills a void" you make it sound like a bad thing?




Hey, thanks for the input man.  That makes alot of sense.  I've never even had a friend with T1 nor dated anyone with diabetes and for a long time I would've refused to date someone that wasT1.  I think it was when I hated the disease.  I would definitely try dating a diabetic now but its not one of my priorities.



I did date another diabetic for a few years. Believe it or not it’s the best. You don’t have to explain everything & they understand when your sugar drops or goes high what is associated with it. I’d give it a try, it’s a ease of the mind also as I’ve dated girls who just couldn’t handle my diabetes.