Dating and Type I

Hey everyone!  I've been dating someone for a while and while he "knows" about my diabetes we tend to butt heads every time I get a bad low in the morning.  He's NEVER had a single health problem so he's completely clueless and I want to help him understand how to deal with me when I get a low.  Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!!

Just explain what you need him to do if you're acting weird.  Everyone brings some type of baggage or trouble into a relationship.  

If he's a guy worth having, he'll be glad to do whatever is needed to help you.  I knew my husband was "the one" when after our first date he read books on type 1 diabetes because he wanted to know about it and what I had to deal with.  Life brings all sorts of challenges.  Make sure your guy is a good life partner.

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When I was dating my husband he would get angry and short with me whenever I had a low. Later I realized it was because he was scared and felt helpless. After we spoke about how it made him feel whenever I was somewhat out of it with a low he was able to get over that feeling of being helpless and could help me. An additional part of his issue was that he had watched his father and sister die of lingering diseases so it sent him back to feeling those old feelings.

That's a good point Linda.  

After stressing my husband with lows we finally came up with the  plan that I agree to test whenever he asks so he doesn't have to argue with a crazy low person.  It helps take the stress out of it for him.  

Ha! That's exactly what we do. I agree to test whenever he asks me to.

I struggle with my son in the mornings when he is low too.  He just has trouble being nice (not that that is your issue at all).  Maybe try explaining exactly what is going on and try to brain storm with him how to keep those lows from occurring and bring him onboard to help.  If he doesn't want to do that - he may not be a great partner in the long term.  Maybe a late night snack would help - or changing your basal insulin.  

That is so cute!!! Your husband is a sweet guy :)

I suggest carrying a Diabetes Etiquette card and posting a big bold version on your frig or anywhere conspicuous in your BF minds eye.  .  .

I had my family video tape me during hypoglycemic moments for 2 months, i call it being a "Angry Angry Hyppo" lol. After watching the videos i devoted myself to better meditation and stretching to relieve stress during the day. I also prayed to the Lord to help me and give me strength in these moments, i now can hold conversations and act reasonable in the 50-70 mg/dL range. If i dip into the 30-40 range however, i make a mad dash for the grape juice and tell anyone around me "You need to leave me alone for 10 minutes, i'm not kidding" <These tools have helped me greatly.

A true evil genius would find a way to give all the population hypoglycemia and then say "I TOLD YOU THAT YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!" but that's a vindictive and terrible approach so i would avoid doing it lol!