Dating another Diabetic

Does anyone know how it feels to date another type 1?

I have never dated another Type 1, but I feel the need to comment here because both my parents are Type 1. So, as an only child, I lived in all-type-1 house :slight_smile:

They have never said this to me, but I have a feeling being Type 1 was one of the many things that really brought my parents together because they understood each others’ struggles in that regard. Plus, in a house full of diabetics, you never run out of testing supplies or low treatments because you’re stocking up for 3! Taking our morning insulin was just a part of our family routine growing up (this was long before pumps were widely available).

So if you’ve found another T1 that you like, I say go for it. They will be able to deeply understand a part of you that many others won’t right off the bat. Just make sure you have other things besides D in common too LOL.

Sorry to invade the teen group–I’ll go back to my boring adult world now :slight_smile:

I agree! I think it would be easy, going out to dinner, understanding, and you can even make a game out of it! When I was seven my mom and I would guess carbs at the same time and see how close and alike our answers are then check the label, of course as a little kid I would always guess 95 instead of 13 and things like that, but it also help me memorize numbers, too, (a plus!!). It seems pretty cool so, it wouldn’t be awkward! Again I agree!

Oh okay. Well, that is totally different from me. :frowning:


I would say that dating a person with diabetes wouldn’t be all that different than dating a person without diabetes. I think that you would have a lot in common for obvious reasons but, having diabetes doesn’t define who you are. You would still go to the movies or out with friends or do all the normal things you do when you date.

How do you think it would be different?

I think that diabetics often feel pressured to date other diabetics. However you should not let diabetes decide things for you. It is part of who you are, yes, but you can still do anything you want. If you do date somebody who is diabetic it would probably be nice because they would understand, however only date them if you truly like them. If you date somebody who isn’t a type 1, they should be able to accept that you are who you are! :slight_smile:

I personally think it would be better to date a diabetic so you could go through everything together because they would know what your going through because they also have to go through it. Non diabetics are okay too some just need to be educated about diabetes but they would be supportive either way :slight_smile:

I “dated” (you know those stupid on off relationships in middle school that don’t really count as dating but feels like it) someone with type two. Even though I’m a type one I had a very strong connection with the person. I think with dating someone with diabetes or even being friends with them there is a connection because you are both going through the same thing and understand.Being with someone with diabetes can create a connection that not most relationships have. That’s just my opinion. xP

Honestly I’ve only had one relationship I would count as “real” hes not diabetic and he didn’t understand everything but I think he was just as supportive in that way. It’s not really something we talked about but I don’t think diabetes should really afdfect our dating lives. My one diabetic friend didn’t tell her boyfriend for a long time and he turned out to be cool with it. I try to keep diabetes from affecting the social parts of my life. My friends get it that its just a thing I do. New people ask some questions (some even ask to check their sugars… anyone else ever heard that?) I can only imagine that whoever I find to be “the one” would understand in the same way.

Hey I want to date another type one diabetic because that person would know how I feel and we can connect so if your a boy with diabetes hit me up

Hi im Josh. I’m dating another diabetic so sorry Ami i’m taken. I’f you do find another diabetic and he or she looks hot and is single- take it cause it might be a long time before u find another one. But if u do, just go around the diabetes and focus on each other. and if any of you want to chat just give me a privite message

I am dating another diabetic… It is actually really great :slight_smile: We understand each other and we help each other out. Being together has helped me lower my A1C so much already. We turned it into a little game. Best thing ever :slight_smile:

I am currently dating a diabetic for 2 years and it is great. We understand and help each other and watch out for each other and yell at each other to take care. I also dated another diabetic before that for a short time. Diabetics are better imo

That is great fro everybody I hope I will be able to date a diabetic

I dated a guy that has the betes for around 2 years and its great… you don’t feel like such a weirdo and they totally understand when you freak out on them when you’re high or low… its nice not having to explain yourself and when you change your site or take a shot, its not nearly as awkward as doing it in front of a someone without the betes. We were also really competitive so it turned into a game of ‘who has the better A1C’ lol