Dating me

Anyone single and ever dated a diabetic or is thier a dating site for type 1s it’s hard to find someone that understands what you are going through.

look at this website. this should help.

i believe that there will always be challenges that make it difficult for a partner to understands what you are going through. I believe that all of us have some pain in our lives no matter what we look like on the outside.

I also think that you will tend to get what you are fishing for… so if you are doing what you love to do and you meet someone there… it’s likely that you’ll have that in common (an argument can be made for people who met in a bar). If diabetes is what defines you, then by all means you can look at your endo’s office (I am kidding just a little bit here).

if you have things you like to do and are active and available, it’s just as likely that the date will find you. Sometime we miss stuff when we search too hard.

you gotta be a friend to have friends. good luck to you whatever you decide to do!

Hi Brittany @BrittanyRoy90, although I was diagnosed with diabetes and have injected/infused insulin every day but two since my 16th birthday, I do not define myself as “a diabetic” and I do not let diabetes live my life for me.

Dating and possibly eventually selecting a lifetime partner is much deeper than the fact that you are living with diabetes. I’ve been out of the dating scene for many decades so I may sound “old fashioned” but in my day I dated plenty of young women without telling any that I had diabetes and without deliberately finding someone who understood the ins & outs of TypeOne Management I looked first for someone with whom I could enjoy life and who was intelligent and relatively compatible The first time I brought up the subject of diabetes was after I had dated a young lady for four month and decided she was the one with whom I wanted to spend my life. That will be 53 years next month and last month we celebrated 52 years of marriage. I’ve related on other pages here how Mary encouraged and influenced me to the point of trying to actually care for my health so I’ll skip that here.

I had diabetes for 20 years before I met another TypeOne with whom I could talk “diabetes” and share with someone who actually understood. But just because someone else is TypeOne does not guarantee that he would understand you or be compatible with you in more important matters. Be good for yourself and keep your horizons wide open.

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I met my now husband at the building I work at. I had Type 2 diabetes that didn’t take much to control for 6 years. Right after we started dating, my diabetes turned into Type 1. It was a learning curve for him (and me!) but he was there every step of the way! And it was HARD in the beginning…learning about being a Type 1 was overwhelming. He takes on the disease as if it’s his own. A truly good person will support you no matter what! You’ll find that person when the time is right and they don’t necessarily have to be a diabetic as well.