Daughter Diagnosed with Type 1


This is all new to me.  My daughter(15) was diagnosed with Type 1 May 2012..pretty scary it was.  Still getting used to the idea she is a Type 1 Diabetic...everything we do revolves around this...do you have your insulin, do you have your needles, do you have......do you have? She manages it well, much better than I(mom) does, that's for sure. I guess as a mom I will always have that worry in my head. Any advice?

It takes time and experience to adjust to all the changes that come with diabetes.  

Perfect diabetes management isn't possible.  Your daughter is going to make mistakes.  Sometimes she might forget her insulin.  The world won't end if that happens.  She can wait to take a shot or her wonderful mom can bring her supplies. =)  

Everyone is different, but it helps me to make my diabetes stuff accessible.  I have a glucose meter in my purse, my desk at work, in my gym bag, and by my bedside.  I keep glucose tablets in all those places, plus in the car glove compartment.  I've used an insulin pump for the last decade, but still keep a partial bottle of insulin and extra syringes in my purse, just in case.

Try not to stress.  She's going to be okay.  This won't seem so weird after a while.  


Welcome to the club that no one wants to join! There are lots of experienced people here that can help answer questions. We found that having a digital diet scale really helps with good portion measurements. After a while you will be good at guestimating.

Jennifer, sorry to hear about your daughter's diagnosis.  I hope you have access to a CDE (certified diabetes educator) because they are very useful in the first year of figuring out diet, exercise, and insulin and all the adjustments.   If you need some more support, please go to the JDRF website and see if there is a JDRF local affiliate near you the link is here www.jdrf.org/index.cfm

surround yourself with help and support.  it may not get easier but it does get to be more routine.

best of luck

Sorry to hear about your daughters' diagnosis. The first 2 years are definitely very difficult.  My daughter was diagnosed 7 years ago, at the age of 4, and I found that connecting with others really helped me to cope. Just try to take it one day at a time. We definitely keep a purse fully stocked with supplies, and a lot of times I discretely check her bag so that I don't have to ask the "do you have" questions (those questions often cause conflict here). I also have a rule that I have to get a text at certain times with her blood sugar numbers.  If I don't, I have told her I will show up wherever she is and take her home (so far, I have not had to show up, she has always texted me). I hope that some of that helps!