Daughter dont sit still

If you have a daughter that us 4 years old and does not stop moving most of the day does that count as exercise? She doesn’t sit still for long and always plays games no matter what it is. She is very active and she does not sleep good at night. I have insomnia so i should know sleep is not good for either of us. What to do?

I wouldn’t think it counts as exercise simply because that is her routine and the human body stops considering any movement as exercise once it becomes routine.

Hi Kayla @Kayla.shouse, “exercise” means different things to different people, so let’s not just consider exercise.
In my eyes, “good diabetes management” is maintaining a balance between food, activity and insulin; some people interpret my “activity” to mean exercise. For me, activity can be a pleasant walk, my two hour workout at the gym, four hours touring on my bike, dancing, etc. What is important, is your four year old is being continuously active and not just sitting about doing nothing. She is being a real child and to me that sounds good.
What surprises me, is that she does not sleep well at night after all her activity; this might be something worth discussing with her doctor.

Ok i will talk with her doctor to see wgat we can do for her at night