Daughter expelled from school

My 17 year old daughter has diabetes, celiac disease and an anxiety disorder. She missed a lot of school this fall, probably about two months in total. Often her anxiety was so huge that she couldn't face school, but sometimes she was battling high blood sugar so she felt terrible.  The principal of her school has now basically expelled her from school for having so many absences and is forcing Nicole to attend an alternate program. She is devasted and so am I and my husband. I had a horrible meeting with the school principal and have now written letters to the assistant superintendent and two trustees. We will be meeting with the assistant superintendent tomorrow. I have such a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and am exhausted! My daughter wants the month of Jan. to prove it to the school that she can attend regularly. If she can't do it, we are prepared to look at other options. Has anyone else ever come up against anything like this? Any suggestions? This is an extremely stressful time for us.

Shouldn't a 504 prevent this type of thing from happening?

They can expelle a student for being absent too many days ? I thought they would maybe fail them at the worst.I feel for her.It seems like she could get a doctors letter explaining what is going on.That it is not her fault.They could work with her and let her retake some teat maybe.I know the school system and teachers have to follow rules.But surly something could be worked out.I wish you luck with this-keep talking and maybe they will find a way.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your daughter leagally covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act?  You might want to look into it.  If all else fails, contact your local paper and tell them what is happening.  Nothing like public pressure to get the District to listen to your concerns!


Good luck!

hi corinna..  my heart broke as i read your message.. all we want is to help our kids succeed and become all that we believe that they can be... there is so much to come up against in trying to live that as our goal.. first i would sit down and explain the diabetes with its "side effects" on behavior. i know you probably have done that but ask them to listen again. also diabetes under federal law is considered a disability so the school should offer services to help her to stay in school with her classmates.. you probably already had the meeting. i hope it went well....continue to be an advocate for your child because no one else will... continue the good fight!!!!! you are great parents!!!!!