Daughter in HS with Type 1

WOW!!!  Denial, refusal, acceptance it's all a factor!!  My husband and I are going crazy!!!

Hi, my daughter started middle school 4 weeks ago and I have had nothing but trouble!  I saw your post and thought yea just what I have to look forward to!  Casie is 12 and has been pretty good until school started.  She says she forgets to test at snack and lunch, so I told her ok just test at lunch, then I found out she was not taking any insulin at school, because there is a boy she likes that hangs out close to where she is!  The funny thing is the boy is in her class and knows she has diabetes!!!!  I can't figure out what the issue is, and I am at the point of threating her to go to the office so someone can watch her test and bolus.  Do you have any suggestions for us?  I'm sorry I cant help you, but know I understand what you are going through!  I hope things get better for you!


Sorry to hear about your daughter not taking control.  It is hard but this to shall pass and we will conquer!!!  I would suggest she have to go to the nurse at snack and lunch.  We are now enforcing that for our daughter.  She also has to text us with the information and if we do not get within 30 mins. we call the school nurse.  The HS our daughter goes to is very helpful and understanding.  So this creates a great relationship.  Good luck and take care my friend.