Daughter Testing in her own Area away from the Sick kids in the Nurse's Station

Ok, after a few discussions, the school has now set up a procedure in which my daughter knocks on the nurse's (health aid) door at school and the aid brings her kit out to her and she tests in the office rather than going into her room with all the sick kids laying around her.  The office is right there and there is a sink there for her to wash her hands.

My daughter's school has always been great and supportive with my daughter (she is in 3rd grade and she has had it since kinder) but with budget cuts in the CA school system and all of the support staff feeling stretched- their attitude was like it was a bothersome request- I have had a great relationship with them and suggested this idea in light of H1N1 and just exposing a T1 child daily to sick kids (twice a day-morning snack and lunch test) and although they understood why I would ask for this- the feel I got from the school is that they are doing me a favor.- they have a new health aid and I hope this tone changes.

I just have to vent on this website because I know I have to just try not to be oversensitive about it and be super courteous with the staff for my daughter's sake (they all do adore her)  but it is just so annoying to be treated like they are doing us a favor!!  so am venting here since have to bite my tongue about it publicly.

At the end of the day- she is testing outside of the sick office and I need to be thankful about that and thankful for the ones caring for her!



So now

Yay for you! And your daughter!

I am learning (slowly) and as Red wrote in another post - we can only worry about the things we can control. You can't control how other people feel about something - so maybe they do think they are doing you a big favor - so what!? You accomplished your goal, let them feel however they want and let you concentrate on celebrating and enjoying that accomplishment! Way to go!

Hey Laura, I'm glad you were able to get a workable solution. It's not easy to be part doctor, part diplomat and part mama bear- but you've shown us that the effort is worth the trouble.