Daughter with Type 1 in Wesley Chapel, FL

I am new to this site and I have a three year old daughter that was diagnosed with Type 1 on 12/11/08.  I was wondering if there is anyone else here that lives in my area with a child around the same age.  So far, we have not met any other kids that have Type 1 and I think it would be great for my daughter to see she's not alone with the finger sticks and shots.  :-)

Amy, have you checked with the JDRF regarding a local chapter in your area?  You can check here for JDRF Chapters  http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?page_id=100687


Even if you can't find kids the same age, just finding other kids helps. My son was also 3 when diagnosed last year. We met a boy who was 16 at our clinic who showed John his pump. John thought it was pretty cool to use a pump and not get shots, John didn't care that he wasn't his age. He understood that the boy also had diabetes, "just like me."

We then went to pool party thru JDRF which had several kids that were John's age. While it was fun, I am sure that I got a lot more out of talking with the other parents. John (and the other kids) were just more interested in the pool and playing. I think they did notice that some of the other kids there had to get their blood checked and shots. There were a few comments "he has the same meter I do!" but that was about it. I know others on this site have noted that sometimes even seeing T2 grandparents or other relatives have to do BG checks can help make a kid with T1 feel less alone.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's dx. This is a great site for support and asking questions!

I am also new to this site but I can definitely relate to your story. I was 17 months when I was diagnosed and being a child with diabetes can sometimes be difficult. However, I think the key thing is not letting your daughter feel like she's different. As a child with diabetes, at least from my experience, you start to think that you're different from other children. Back in the 80s diabetes wasn't as large as it is now, so there are a lot more things out there that are kid-oriented.

I would recommend getting information from an endocrinologist about any kids programs they may have in your area, or information from a diabetes educator. There are also great resources to find local information on the jdrg.org website.

I hope this information helped a little bit =)


Thank you all for your suggestions.  I am definitely going to check with JDRF again.  They did have me talk to a couple people before when Shelby was first diagnosed, but I never got to actually meet anyone in person.  One lady did have a group for women that have children with Type 1, but they normally met during the week while I was at work, so I never got to attend.  I am going to keep trying though.  Thanks again!!  :-)

So close, yet so far away. :) I live in Port Orange, near Daytona Beach. I have a 3 1/2 year old son who was diagnosed at 12 months old. I know how you feel. Brandan hardly ever sees another person with diabetes and has never seen one his own age. The other moms here are right, older kids with T1 make an impression on these little ones. Brandan met a 6 year old boy at a Christmas party and he was in awe of his pump and watching this boy check his own sugar. :) Still, I agree that it would be nice for him to have a friend that he can see more than once.

The local JDRF chapter may have an outreach and mentor program that can help. The local chapters often have meetings with parents and adults.

The mentor program is designed to have JDRF mentors that are going through the same thing as you or have gone through it before. The outreach person at the chapter matches people up.

The nice thing about JDRF is that their focus is on type 1 Ds, both kids, parents and adult T1Ds.

I grew up in Gainesville, but don't know anyone in your area.

Have you looked at diabetes camps? I went to a day camp at 5 and overnight at 6. I know this is a while off, but something to keep in mind.

Growing up I had a babysitter w/ T1. I thought that was cool as a kid!

My Endro and his NPR set up a 'training session' for all of the parents of kids with T1 in the Pensacola, FL area.  The training was great, but what it really accomplised with that about 6 families got meet each other.

As it turns out, another family is just 10 minutes from me.  Talk to your Endo to see if they can set up a training session to meet other parents.  Our 'session' was on Carb counting with the RD at Sacred Heart.


~Blake's Mom

Thanks for the info!  I will definitely check with Shelby's endo.  It would be nice for her to have a friend that deals with the same things she does.  :-)