Daughters highs

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would post and get some advice before I call our endo. tomm. My 5 yr old daughter was diagnosed with T1 Nov 16. Since then, her numbers have been all over the place. Some highs, some targets and some lows. The last 4 days have been ridiculous highs. Since Thurs her numbers have not been below 200 +. She is waking up at 250 + and her pre meal cks are anywhere from 250- 375.

She is on humalog and Lantus. I increased her Lantus by .5 twice in the last 4 days. It has not made any difference. Her Lantus dose since those 2 changes is 3.0 at bedtime.

I have a feeling she may be done honeymooning? She just got over being sick with a virus and high fever but that was over a week ago. I can't think of another reason for such a change.

I think they might do some major dose changing for her. Thanks for the advice!


I think you're totally on the right track! If she's done w/ the honeymoon then she'll need more insulin. I think it was smart to slowly raise the Lantus and call the endo before making any *big* changes. Also, growth spurts can affect kids' insulin needs.

Sorry I don't have more advice for you, but it sounds like you have things under control. If she's running high and it's the weekend, I wouldn't hesitate to call the endo or endo resident on call over the weekend so you don't have to wait. I still page those guys from time to time and I've had T1 since 1982. (; They're always really nice about it -- it's part of their job.

Hi Sara,

My 7 yr. old son was diagonosed 12-8-09 and we did pretty good in our first couple of months.  He also has asthma and allergies so they kind of complicate his diabetes.  He has been having extreme highs since school started and just recently I took him to his pediatrician only to find out that he had an ear infection and bronchitis.  I called his diabetes care team and they said that it would take atleast a week or two  before his blood sugars should stabilize after being on the antibiotics.  So I hope that once this is over we will see his numbers go down.  If they don't I think his endo team is going to put another shot  to his daily regimen or something.  Hope your daughters go down I know how stressful it can be with worrying about them.

How old is your daughter? First I want to point out that I am on the insulin pump, and I have a lot of freedoms. I'm thirteen. The only problem that I have is that I am constantly forgetting to test and bolus, but I don't think your daughter has that problem. So wait a second, what are the other conditions? Is she active? What's her diet like? There is a lot involved.

Are you checking at 3 hours after meals too (I know sometimes with kids that is the pre-meal check for the next meal.)

Did she run high with the virus and fever? My son seems to be different with each illness, though usually runs high at the beginning (or even before he starts having other symptoms) and is pretty normal by the end. But like I said, it depends - the last virus I had to crank his basal rate up by 30% for a couple days at the end of the symptoms (that was after just correcting for 3-4 days at every check). So that would be about equivalent to what you have done with increasing her Lantus.

DId she have a change in schedule (like was she on spring break last week?) that can make a change in insulin needs sometimes too. I'd talk with her endo on next steps.

In any case, you are doing a great job. It sucks going thru the days of constant highs, but you are treating and taking action to get them more normal. Keep up the good work Mom!


Diet is huge and every endo is different but I have found that high protien diets create hiher blood sugars if you dont account for them over time you can not does for them right away but about 2 hours after the meal you need to dose for the protien intake that starts to break down.  I am a firm believer in the pump and as soon as you can get her on one I think you would be a lot happier. 

Thank you to everyone for their responses!! We are in the process of switching to a pump and I am really looking forward to it. Seems to add much more flexibility as well as better control as oppossed to the injections right now. I talked to her endo and they gave me new charts/doses to try and wouldn't you know it she seems to be running slightly lower today then the last 4?!! So typical!!


Thanks for the great advice everyone!! :)

Hi Sara,

My son is 2 1/2.  He was diagnosed in December of 2009.  He is also on Humalog & Lantus.

It sounds like you are doing the right thing by adjusting insulin, but I would definitely call your doctor.

I still struggle often with Benjamin's numbers going "crazy" on me, and you are right it could indicate her honeymoon phase is over.  However, I have found a few other things that can cause higher numbers in my son.

1.  It can happen when he is in a growth spurt.  In which case it will settle down after a few days to a week.  If this is the case it usually means he will be on a higher dose permanently.

2.  It can happen if he is less active than normal.

3.  It can indicate he is getting sick.

4.  Sometimes I have NO IDEA, and never do figure it out.  I think he does it just to make me crazy (jk!)

I'm sure you are doing the best you can.  Hang in there.  There will be good days and hard ones!