Day one wisdom teeth food?

Aaron had four "deeply impacted" and sideways wisdom teeth removed today.  Oral surgeon told us ginger ale, 7up, applesauce and jello; no dairy day one.  I guess because of the meds used in the iv sedation---they don't want him getting pukey sick.  So, we skipped the drinks, but have been doing applesauce and jello.  Aaron is starving.  STARVING.  Willing to give up the computer to me so that I could ask Juvenation (cause I know a lot of you have done the wisdom teeth gig) for food suggestions.

Sorry no ins responded until now. You'll want to do soft foods that are fairly close to room temp. Nothing hot or cold. He could do dairy free pudding, smashed up canned fruit, or really anything you can smash and make soft. He could do smoothness if he wanted, just make sure thy aren't too cold.

Have I mentioned how much I hate autocorrect? Ins - one's. Smoothness - smoothies.

thank you for asking this. My daughter will be getting her 4 pulled on the 28th of this month and is recently diagnosed type 1.  I will have to add these to my shopping list for that week.

Mashed potatoes might be a good choice. I haven't had my wisdom teeth out yet, but it's a pretty good source of carbs. No sugar added jam or jelly might be a good choice too. Refried beans are pretty soft too.

I just went through my day one today and it wasn't too bad.  I had soup for lunch with some scrambled eggs so I could get a little more protein.  I wasn't having too much pain so for dinner I smashed up a hamburger and ate it with a spoon with a small bowl of soft pasta on the side.  Good Luck!