Daycare and Diabetes - Advice?

Hi all…My daughter was in full time daycare until she was recently diagnosed. Her dad and I both need to work full time. But we have a lot of apprehension about sending her off to the daycare she was at, and relying on them to care for her.

Does anyone have experience with this? I have the JDRF school advisory toolkit and it is helpful.

I am wondering if it is better to have a health care professional train her daycare staff (as opposed to her dad and me)?

Hi @sarahmobley… you know your child and her diabetes better than any other healthcare professional ever will (unless they live with you 24/7).

Certainly, it’s helpful to have someone with medical training to teach the daycare staff some foundational basics, but diabetes care goes beyond clinical care. You and your husband can communicate things like what to look for. For example, my wife could tell if our daughter was getting low if she got glassy eyed. Only you can teach the staff the symptoms that are specific to your kid’s reactions to BG highs and lows. Also, you know a bunch of other little things like what kind of treatment your child will respond to best - juice, starburst chews or glucotabs.

If you can get a healthcare pro to train the daycare staff, by all means, do it. But don’t think that you and your husband can’t contribute more to fuller understanding of your daughter’s T1D.