Daycare for MDI kids?

We are a new Type 1 family. My daughter is 6 and was just diagnosed March 26th. Her school has been amazing and reached out to us to initiate her 504 plan before we had even left the hospital. Her after-school daycare however will not accommodate her care. Initially we were advised that their “nurse” would be able to check her sugar and administer an injection if needed. A week later we were advised that their policy will not allow it, nor would they administer Glucagon. She has been attending this daycare since she was an infant so I hate to remove her but I don’t have a choice. Now that we are on the hunt for a new facility we have only found 1 location that will check her sugar and administer an injection…is this normal? Do kids with Type 1 typically not go to daycare (after-school or summer)?

It’s my understanding that if your daycare or school receives ANY kind of federal funding they are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Contact your local JDRF and ask for a school advisory toolkit (a very informative booklet) which explains your rights and advises on how to complete a 504 plan. I suspect your daycare may be in violation.

My daughter was also recently diagnosed. I had a meeting with her after school program on Thursday, and was informed that they will need some time to consider whether my daughter can continue to attend after school. They also informed me that they cannot administer Glucagon or check her blood sugar. In addition, on days that the care is full day, they could not administer insulin. They said this was because they do not have a nurse on staff. I pushed back but am waiting on their decision. If they still refuse, will have to consider alternative actions to take. I do know that they receive federal funding as it is a city program. I hope this works out for you.