Daycare tried to kill my son today

My son is 2, has had diabetes since July and is well controlled.  He goes to a CDC (gov't sponsored) and has 2 providers.  One of which, is a Type 1 Diabetic since birth and is really good.  The other, who is not Diabetic and has no concept of Diabetes, is NOT so good.

I give explicit directions as to his care during the day:

--Check his sugar at 0830, 0900 and 0915

--If his sugar is higher than 150, give him his cheese snack, then recheck in 15 minutes

--If his sugar is lower than the first time you checked it, then give him his snack (of whatever it is for the day)

--If you have questions, call me, then my husband if I don't call back within 15 minutes.

The Type 1 provider wasn't there today but I sent him anyway.  I had a medical appt and had no cell phone reception in the hospital.  When I finally got her message, it was already 10 (she left it at 9).  

Her message was:  "His sugar was 283 at 0900, then 278 at 0915, so call me  and tell me what you want me to do".  

Well....I'm thinking ok, that was an hour ago, hopefully she actually READ my directions (which have been the same for 6 months) and gave him his blueberries.  I drove straight over to the CDC from the hospital (a 5 minute drive).

When I got there, I said, "hey, if i don't call you back in 15 minutes, then just call my husband".  She just stared.

I immediately checked his sugar and it was 26.  That's right, 26.  Of course, he's crying, sucking his thumb, clearly hypoglycemic, so I poured 4 oz of juice down his throat while he's shaking and fussing.  That was neat.

I said, 'ok, if his sugar is coming down, then you HAVE to give him his snack.  His sugar was 26, and if it had gotten lower, he may have seized or gone into a coma."

Her response:  she shrugged and said "oh!  well, I called, so....."  and just walked off.  

Are you kidding me?  I'm going to the manager and making sure that she is counseled and that it's documented that she was negligent in her actions.  At a minimum, I feel she should have FED my kid.  if I remove Diabetes from the equation, she still needs to feed him.  

I also plan to request her to be removed from the room and be replaced with a more competent person, who is capable of handling my son AND the other little girl who is also Type 1.  

Any advice?



~Blake's mom!



That is terrifying.

I think that you are making the right decision, her behavior is not up to standard for the care giving position that she is in. Even after the event and you had taken care of the child she didn't inquire further or ask you a single question.

best of luck

I've had a couple of similar instances with Substitute teachers when my daughter was in kindergarten and first grade that were similar and had to address with the school staff who have been wonderful!!  They dealt with it by never having that sub again!! There were as horrified as me and thankfully, my daughter who is in third grade now has had wonderful support at her school.  It starts with the leadership at her school being wonderful and supportive.

Sometimes, the school has made a few mistakes like I have before such as not noticing the clock/time and it has been 30 minutes past testing time at which I have gotten a call from the health aide apologizing profusely at which I have told her that happens to us at home too- so don't beat yourself up about it.  The point is the staff at my daughter's school really cares, has been trained, and treat my daughter like their own and take it very seriously- I can't expect perfection out of them because I am not perfect too- but I expect trained, caring and conscientious personnel which fortunately my daughter has had.  I know it is not always the case as I work in the school system and know of other schools where the health aides just don't get diabetes- are know it alls, when they really don't know- or who have terrible prinicipals who are conscientious or are ignorant-

So, definitely address it with management, and if they don't take it seriously or see eye to eye on it, with you- I hope you can get another day care situation in order.  The leadership there has to be 100% on board with you on how serious it is and life threatening it is.

Hang in there! 

My daughters daycare teacher tried to kill her but by refusing to check her blood sugar and give her insulin. Thing is, she wears a pump so it was not like the old bat had to actually poke her. Little did the teacher know that I look at her pump every day to see how her numbers are and I was also curious why she was coming home so high. The teacher looked right at me and stated that she knew Courtney's blood sugar was almost 400 but she didn't want to hurt her so she fed her lunch instead. I gave her a chance to and after the 2nd day I met with the owner of the daycare. The teacher was fired that day for not being able to take care of Courtney.  She has a new teacher that does very well. But the one that got fired showed up at my door, we live in a very small town, and said I shouldn't be telling people lies about her. If my kids had not been standing there my foot would have been in her rear end. I spoke calmly and asked her to leave. Everyone knows the story at daycare and in town so I hope she won't get a job again! good luck!

So sorry this happened I need to ind child care for my2 yr old in a couple months I'm so scared to leave him w/ people they don't get it!!


That is terrifying.  My daughter was a little older (4 1/2 y.o) when she was diagnosed, but we did have a few similar instances.  I eventually started telling people that if they couldn't get a hold of me, or had any doubts about what to do, feed her.  Then I would explain that if her sugar goes too low it could be fatal, but if it goes too high, she may just vomit.  It may mean that Blake's numbers are a little higher than you would like, but at least he will not seize. 

 I think you did a great job of handling it with the school!