Daylight savings time

Hi community,

Ok, I simply cannot do this math. Pardon my ignorance!
I take 10 u of Lantus in the morning usually between 5:30 and six-ish, give or take 15 minutes.
How do I transition to the new time (stupid time change)??
Talk to me like I’m a second grader (quote from the film Philadelphia).

Probably the easiest is to just inject at the same time. Yes it’ll be an hour earlier than standard time but this way you won’t go crazy. I find no real issues just moving to the new time. Cheers

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@joe sounds like a plan!

Our endo agrees with Joe @joe, and so does our experience: no need to do anything special for an hour’s difference. Just change the clocks and call it good. :sunglasses:


I hope this change went well for you. And, as a reminder, it isn’t a bank. It is called Daylight Saving Time. No S.

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