Days with personal stress

Today is a sad day for me. I don't realize how much some things bother me until I check my BG. Right now My BG is 566. Insulin and water are going to be my diet today with the hopes that the BG comes down without having to go to the E.R. 

My baby brother would be 20 years old today. Him and I where very close, and boy do I miss him. He had asthma and no other health problems. Why he died for sure is unknown,he just went to sleep and didn't wake up. It was kind of like S.I.D.S. but he was 10 when he passed away.

I am staying positive, but man it's hard sometimes. I am going to get the sugars down and then I think I am going to go outside and take the dirt bike for a few rounds ;).

I know many can relate with me, on these kinds of days. It's nice to find a place like Juvenation where we can connect with others like us. :) Thank you Juvenation.


I'm sorry for your loss, MM.  Stress can do crazy things to us, can't it?  All you can do at this point is bump up your basal rate, keep testing and correcting, drink water, and try to find some kind of happiness in your day.  I'd bet your brother would want it that way.

TY Kim, I just got off the phone with my doc...he said to drink water but to also drink my pedialyte to keep the electrolytes up, and reassure me that I can do this with out the E.R.  I am definitely going to take the bike out after bit. :)

hi MaryMartha ,I am so sorry you are having this hard day.I pray everything will get better as the day goes on.We are all here for you if we can help...I was wondering if the endo thinks it is ok to exercise with your numbers high.They will tell us to check for ketones and get the numbers down a bit ,before the exercise..He sounds like a good endo reading your bio. I know he knows best.T ake Care..

Yea I need to wait till I get my sugars down in the 200 range before I exercise. Good news though, my BG is 392!  I love it when they come down easy I just hope that I can keep them down with out going low. Oh and the ketones are low so I should be able to clear that up quick as well :)



I'm glad your number is coming down. I'm so sorry about your loss. The way stress affects the D can def add another level of stress you don't need on days like this!

Hi MM,

We're all here if you need to vent. Sorry that you are feeling the way you do today.

Hope your BG gets below 200 so you can take that 4-stroke out and about

Bg is 145! woohoo.

Ty and I am going to be headed out soon to ride off stress and take my mind off the day :) Thanks everyone!

make sure you're watching it closely, we wouldn't want you to go low without realizing it. 

Well I feel better but now my Bg is back up after the exercise...363. i tend to have it raise when I get exercise but man! I didn't adjust my pump to give me more insulin while I was out because I didn't want to drop low after being so high, bad judgement on my part.

How does stress and exercise effect others? I have a friend that goes low with her stress and I have family with T2 that tend to go high with exercise.

Thanks again everyone :)

Exercise makes me go low, but others on here say it makes them high. I guess you just have to test a lot after?

Stress makes me go high, but being nervous can make me go low. Same for you?

What your blood sugar does mainly depends on what sort of exercise you're doing, and how much insulin you have on board. 

If your IOB is high during an activity, your muscles will take up more glucose, and you're more likely to end up low.

Extremely intense exercise (resistance training, weight lifting, doing sprints) will cause an immediate rise in BG levels, because of your body's hormonal response (adrenaline).  When doing these sorts of exercises, it's common to have some insulin resistance for a couple of hours afterwards - but then you have to watch for the drop.

(Paraphrased from what I can remember from The Diabetic Athlete's Handbook...)

If I actually get nervous I will stress out, so I end up going high. 

The type of exercise doesn't seem to matter with me. If I just walk down 1/2 block to the mail box I better check as soon as I get back or go ahead and take and extra 2 units, it depends on how I am before the exercise and how long it will be. Cleaning house, I up my bolus.

Stress usually brings me up, but if theres exersize involved, say me pacing the floor of running around the house looking for something, it normally goes down.

It's really sad. I am so sorry i feel so bad knowing your pain. May god give you the strength. You should not make your heart weak be strong and positive. Keep your love for your brother in your heart but never go crazy..... It can cause some serious problems. You will be a victim of mental problem like stress and depression and the heavy depression can cause other serious problems.

Try to be more attentive to the positive vibes and not the negative ones. Just be strong to you and your brother too. take care always


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