Dealing with lows

How do you guys deal with lows in school. I need tips mostly in how you guys handle it in gym. if you guys have any answers please let me know because i drop low in gym all the time and need to know how to stop it from happening.

Well when I work out most of the time I try to wait alteast 30 minutes after I've taken my insulin and eaten before I work out...that'll usually help with stopping you from having a low especailly if your like me and use the fast actin stuff right before meals...but hey! thats just my suggestion... Good luck and I hope I've helped you

We were told to take 15 grams of carb without covering it for every 30 min of exercise.  Of course if you were high prior, maybe you wouldn't want to, and depending on your body you might determine what works for you without leaving you high afterwards.  We always test my daughter prior and give her a small snack and we haven't really had any issues with gym.

Do you have a pump?  If not that will help you dealing with lows tremendously.  I run marathons with great blood sugars.  If you have a pump then take it off before gym.  If you don't get Cliff shot blocks and eat 2 before gym. They are amazing at stabilizing your blood sugars for exercise.

     If you are on a pump either adjust the basal rates before your gym class or remove the pump for that given time period.  If you take needles, make sure you have some kind of snack beforehand.  I know the lows at any time can be frustrating.

I actualy had a huge problem with lows in gym class. What I always did was if gym was either before lunch, or more than an hour after lunch, I ate a two or three carb snack, like a ceral bar or fruit snacks, about a half an hour or so before gym class. I also always carried my meter and a bottle of regular pop with me just in case I dropped fast in the middle of class and couldn't make it back to the nurse. Luckily, I had a very understanding gym teacher, who spoke with the nurse often, and if I was having problems with lows that day, she would have me walk around the track or something a little less physical if we were, say, running stair laps. My classmates hated me, but it kept me from having some seriously dangerous lows.

Although I have not been in school for a long time, I did play high school and college soccer.  While in high school I did not have a pump, so I used to eat 15-30g of carbo 30min before practice and had a bottle of Gatorade always handy.  I would still get lows, but they were manageble and I had the necessary fixes near by.  I also made sure I told the coach and my buddies on the team, so that if they noticed something odd they would know how to help me.  I think it is very important to let people know about your condition so if something does happen, you have help.  When I was in college I did have a pump, and again I ate a carbo load while also reducing my basal 30 minutes before practice. I also made sure that my BG was above 150 at the beginning and end of practice, if it wasn't I made sure to eat extra.  If my BG was 100 after practice, I could still be in danger of going low even 30min-1hr post so I also had a post practice snack as well.

Hope this helps!