Dealing with pump tubing

I’ve on the pump since December and i need some advice on how the best way to deal with the tubing from my pump to infusion would be. I work in a textile plant and the issue is my tubing hangs loose and i keep getting it snagged today at home i caught it on the baby gate and ripped my infusion right out of my side. Does anyone have some advice on how to prevent this from happening again

Tuck it into the waistband of your boxers/tighie whities.

Hello @3babygirls and welcome to TypeOneNation. In 20 years of pumping I have never caught the tubing on anything. My secret is to tuck in the tubing. I tuck into my waistband, or my belt, or the elastic part of my sweatpants. Easy.

Michael @3babygirls, like with everything else, when working in a place like a textile plant, and more than that, in ALL manner of dress, the tubing should never be allowed to just flop-about. Tuck it in!

Foe instance, even when minimally attired - such as playing beach volley-ball wearing only trunks, I find a way to have my tubing secured. For games like that when my infusion-set if implanted in my abdomen, I wear a fabric pouch belt around the infusion-set and put my pump and tubing in that pouch; bought it at the Medtronic Store. I’ve also used this pouch during surgery to keep my pump and tubing segregated from other paraphernalia. If my infusion set is on my upper arm, I slide on a tube-bandage [like a stocking] that extends under my t-shirt.

All really very simple solutions.

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I am looking into one of those pouches and that’s a good suggestion on the upper arm I’ve never tried my infusion set on my upper arm I’ve been hesitant because of working in the textile plant but thank you for the information

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I suggest a running type belt. My daughter wears a spandex belt. They sell SPI belts too that are very stretchy and buckle shut. You wear them under your shirt.

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When I first started pumping I remember the suggested wrapping the tubing a few times near the insertion site, and taping it down. If you use a Minimed pump they have an infusion set called the Sure-T that is supposed to have additional security; however it uses a metal needle rather than a plastic cannula.

Ok thanks that would work good also at my job

just started pumping this week, and after 2 days got a Spibelt. My pump (Tandem) and tubing all fit in it, flat to my belly, and with the zipper closed there is enough space to snake the tubing out. Works great.

So glad to hear you found something that works for you and will keep you safe on the job. Stay well!

I would suggest putting your site on your arm and putting the tubing under your shirt. I used to do that all the time when i used to have a tubed pump.