Dealing with Type 1

Hey Everyone, Im Tabby...

I was diagnosed in October of last year with my type 1 diabetes! It just seems so tough dealing with everything! I was wondering if everyone else gets depressed with this? Sometimes It just feels like no one knows what I am going through and Where I live i know no juvenile diabetics at all! My doctor has me on 6 shots daily. I take 2 shots at 11 am, I take 1 shot at 5 pm, 2 at 11Pm, and another at 5 am! My schedule is so exhausting and he won't change it! I am just having a really difficult time! I get put down because of my diabetes and I have been told that I get and got what i deserved!:/ If anyone has any suggestions of how to deal with this or how they cope with things please suggest anything!

Oh my gosh - how terrible.  My daughter, then age 8, was diagnosed also last October.  We have a fantastic Dr.  Can you go to another Dr?  What part of the states do you live in?  Maybe you could satellite at another clinic with a major clinic in charge.  Samantha's first protocol was awful - she had to eat all the time.  Now we are on Lantus at bedtime and Humalog when she eats.  She can sleep in, skip meals, change meal time, have snacks or not have snacks.  So much better.  You need to get this changed and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to.  This was not your fault.  Please don't blame yourself or let anyone else do that either.  We need to ignore the hurtful words of the uneducated population.  Glad you found this board for support.  Glenda

Hi there Tabby. 


I was diagnosed when I was 4 yrs old, with type one.  I'm proud to say I turn 35 THIS MAY~!  So I've lived with this delicious disease for 31 years.  Personally, I know EXACTLY what you mean about being depressed.  I've been on a pump forever, since 1980 (back in the old days they were the size of a VHS tape).  The pump literally saved my life.  You might think, at first, you don't want something "attached" to you all the time, but it fits nicely in your pocket, and no one has to know.  Being on a lot of shots daily, never worked.  I tried shots one summer when I was on th swim team.  My control was HORRIBLE.  Soooo.... I LOVE my pump.  It's a Minimed.  I'm not sure where you live, but I'm trying to put a group together for JUST type one's here in Montgomery, AL.  People "think" they know about diabetes, but they don't know JACK!!  They want to treat US the same way they treat senior citizens with type TWO.

And as far as people saying you got what you deserved..... tell them to go &^%$ themselves.  People have no idea what this is like.  And sweetie, it isn't the end of the world.  You don't want your diabetes to control you...... YOU want to be the one to control your diabetes!! 

Try finding another endocrinologist (a DIABETES AND ENDOCRINE SPECIALIST).  Most family drs aren't up-to-date with current treatment for type ones.

Keep your chin up kid.  Hugs!


It's a giant mental game to be honest. It's all in your head. When people try to put you down it's up to you to keep your chin up and say that it's YOUR life. I know at times it can be hard. But (can't remember who said it on the forums here) Diabetes only chooses the strong. (in reality it doesn't but in the end it show how strong we are as people going through this). I only know of 1 type 1 diabetic where i live. And i don't even hang out with that person. It's more of a what can you do to show people what your life is like.

Don't crumble into what others want you to. Take them saying "YOU DESERVE THAT" as a "Hey, we are testing you.. Will you pass or will you fall into the pressure?" Trust me, life at the moment will seem like crap. But later on in life you will realize that this whole thing is a learning experience. And on top of that it has made you a stronger person. As i have been put down a lot in my life i have learned to deal with the stuff people throw at me. Try to keep a positive attitude on your life. Because as i like to say, "I got my 2nd chance at life.. But who knows if you will.." (aka, think that being diagnosed was a new lease on life. Use it as a chance to become stronger and a better person.)

Just Believe and anything is Possible Tabbby.


Thank you Glenda, :)

I am seeing a new doctor May 10th, Hopefully I can actually get the pump! When I found out about my diabetes it was just tradgic and broke my heart! I mean I really try to succeed and I thought to myself! Why me? I just take it one day at a time! Thank you so much.


Lol thanks for brighting my day Leslie.. I am trying to see a new doctor. When they put me in the hospital when I found out the doctor up there wanted to keep me so I see a pediatrician. He is rediculous and doesn't want me seeing an endocrinologist. We finally got an appointment for this may, I am very excited.. I am really hoping to get that pump. It just gets so exhausting taking shots all the time. and people yet give us all a hard way to go. When people find out about my diabetes they look at me like im just strange. They don't care at all.. I am 17 years old and the school district treated me like crap. I am homeschooled as of now. I don't have my dad he left when I was a baby, and my mom decided to take a wild streak and give me up 2 months ago. I am taking this all day by day. I am just glad I found this site i can actually talk to others. Thank you so much Leslie :)

-Tabby :)

Thank you Jared. I really appreciate you and everyone else that is giving me great advice.

It just seems like everything is so tough to me. I am only 17, and people look at me like im a bad person. See I think so myself that it is the strong people it happens to, because it does make us stronger as human beings, sometimes I just don't even feel like getting out of bed. I took it really rough when I found out about this all... and I saw where you were diagnosed a few months before me. Ya know some people just really don't understand. My schedule is @*$#I#$*(&$ lol its just awful.. and sometimes I don't know whether im coming or going.. I really just wanna thank you and everyone else... I have reached some really low points.. I mean I really let people get to me... I stopped taking my shots and I started to starve myself.. I hate that I did that, I didn't make me feel any better. It only made things worse.. At home things got really bad with my mom and It made me just wanna give up... I hate the entire situation, but now im finally reaching the point to saying Hey im gonna be okay. I try to hold my head high... But it is really tough.... I appreciate you Jared. And everyone else on this forum, Thank you :)


Tabby, I see that you live in WV. We also live in WV. near Morgantown. My 10 year old grandson is type 1 Brittle Diabetic. He was diagnosed 1 year ago. My son is his father,they live near us. His mother had custody of him. Three weeks ago she called my son and said for him to come get my grandson,that she no longer wanted him.So now he lives with my son and I am trying to learn as much as possible and as fast as possible about this horrid disease. I sent you a friend request a short while ago. I am wanting to find a support group for adults and children so he and the caregivers in his life can attend in person. I will try to keep you informed,just depends on your location if it would help you.My grandsons diabetes is very hard to control. Most days his BS is any where from low 20's to high 500's. He has never had keytones's  I am so thankful for that! I will continue this at a later time. If you have any info. in WV to help I would be happy for any you would share.

I myself live in Wyoming County... I deal with alot of the same things.. My sugar has never been under 81, It stays way up there all the time.. Mainly stress has to do a lot with it... It is really awful but I would love to help as much as possible with your grandson... I hope all is well and you can message me or something i accepted the request...


I was diagnosed 3 years as of today, and honestly, my attitude changes daily. One day I'll be extremely positive about it and the next I'll feel like it's taking over my life. You definitely shouldn't believe that you "got what you deserved." NOBODY that doesn't have diabetes should say something like that when they have no idea what it's like to live with this. I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy. I believe that there are many positives, and keeping those in the forefront of your thoughts is extremely important. 

Erica, It is extremely difficult

Some days I just don't even feel like getting out of bed... It is so difficult.. and really aggravating.. I stay stressed all the time!

I know exactly what you mean. Do you have anyone to talk to about it (besides us here at Juvenation)? 

I have an extremely supportive family, but it's still hard. I often feel like I talk about diabetes too much (my blood sugar, how I feel, how many carbs I'm eating, etc.), and I feel like it comes off as complaining instead of commenting. It's hard not to talk about these things when they are a constant part of your life.

Try to take it one day at a time. Instead of thinking "how am I going to do this for the rest of my life?", think "how can I do the best I can TODAY?"

Trust me, all of us struggle at some point. You're not alone.

No, I don't really have anyone at home! My mom kinda gave me up.. Because she couldn't take on taking care of me.. She made it sound like I was a burden and I was at fault... I now live with my sister.. I do have to take it one day at a time.. Or else id lose my mind... Sometimes I just wish it would go away even though it won't....:/

Does your mom completely understand that your diagnosis is not your fault? You haven't done anything at all to deserve or cause your disease.

Also, insulin pumps are an amazing piece of technology. If you hate the shots so much, you should check into getting some information from your doctor. 

Hi Tabby, that is a very sad situation you are experiencing! I am glad you are able to stay with your sister. You are mature enough that you can do well on your own, but you may need help with details. Ask your questions here. There are many experienced type 1 diabetics here, and many are close to your age.

I have been type 1 for 65 years, and am very healthy.  With good control, you can have a long, healthy life. Let us know if you need help!


It is very tough.. I just checked my sugar recently and it is 303.. It is constantly outrageous.. and Im not eating bad food... or even a large amount..

HI Tabby,

I'm really sorry to hear about your whole situation. But I am happy for you that you are planning to see a new doctor. Even if you don't get a pump, switching to carb counting and MDI will be a lot better - you can pretty much eat what you want as long as you take the shots for it. It will be tough at first, as you learn how your body reacts to a different carb amounts and insulin amounts but after you work with an endo and a CDE to get things tracked for a few weeks, it becomes second nature. (That said there will always be some days when your BGs are all over the place. That is just the nature of this disease.)

You did NOTHING wrong to get this disease. You have to believe that, even when people you love tell you differently.

Hang in there!

Thank you very much.. And i try to believe everyday that its not my fault but sometimes it does kinda feel that way... and trust me i know all about the different sugar variations.... I am gonna do my best to just know that its gonna be okay... I really appreciate everyone that is giving me all of this advice thank you so much :)

Hey Tabby,

 My name is Mikayla and tomorrow is my 7 year Diabetes Anniversary ! I was diagnosed when I was 14 years old right before entering High School. I understand how you feel with people treating you different and looking at you weird. The whole dr. situation, I'm glad to read that your seeing a new dr. soon. When I first found out I had diabetes, my "normal" dr. told me that I didn't need to see a specialist at all. I did really good for about the first year, I even at my A1C 6.7 6 months after being diagnosed ( i have that perfectionist thing in me too). Finally in high school I went to see a specialist, but it was at Children's Hospital and they treated me like I was 5. I hated it! I recently switched to a more young adult dr., he was great and now has moved on to OK, so tomorrow actually I go to meet my new dr. My advise would be keep switching until you find one that you like and works for you. They shouldn't be holding you to a certain schedule, Diabetes is a hard disease in my opinion, your body is always changing so you need to be able to adjust to it. I read some other posts on here and I'm sorry that your dad hasn't been in your life. Mine left my mom when she found out she was pregnant with me ( he had type 1 diabetes as well (that's where i get it from) and to this day i haven't met him). I'm sorry to hear about your mom as well. I don't know a whole lot about that because my mom has been very supportive with me, but All of us on here will support you any way we can. Keep us updated on your dr. appointment and I hope you get the pump. I've had mine for almost 4 years now and love it. I never wanted something hanging off of me, so i took shots for 3 years. Just make sure you take care of yourself and don't start slacking. I've run into the problem that I don't want to have diabetes any more and because I can't perfect everything I try to forget about it. Hopefully when i see my dr. tomorrow we can figure something new out for me. But I want to wish you the best of luck with everything, we're all here for you.

  Sorry I went off about me in there.


Hey Tabby!


I'm Mandie. [Amanda] I was diagnosed when I was 13 years old with a blood sugar of 984. I was diagnosed the second month of my 8th grade year and I lost a lot of people who I thought were my friends. I realized they weren't friends if they continued to tell me everything I touched would get Diabetes [even a stupid COMPUTER!] I had teachers turn their backs on me and went through a lot of the same things you went through. Depression? Yes, my father was a Diabetic as well. He passed away two years before I got diagnosed. As far as the schedule that's HARSH! I've never had a dr. giving me a schedule of that. May I ask why two shots at 11am? Have you considered switching to the pen? Or even the pump? I've been through 6 endocrinologists, and my PedEndo wouldn't let me go on the pump because she said I was a "type 2 diabetic" I've had three doctors confirm I'm a Type 1 Diabetic, two said I was a Type 2 and one said I was a Type 1.5. I'm telling you it does get better. Things may be right right now tough and you want to give up, but I was diagnosed 11 years, 8 months, and 11 days ago. I've had my ups and downs, as well as I'm sure everyone else has. But my dear it gets better. If you're having a doctor tell you that, or won't let you switch the schedule around then it's time to SWITCH doctors. Don't stop finding one until your completely satisfied and comfortable. It's taken me to get to 6 Endocrinologists to tell you that!. Sleeping schedules will be off on certain days, I hate to admit that. You did not deserve what you got. It's not your fault so please get that through your mind. I was on 8 - 15 shots a day because I was so high when I was diagnosed it took forever to get something under control. I would work out and go high, I would eat a small piece of fruit, take the insulin for it and go high. You can go on the pen, it's easy to carry around, or like someone said the pump. I've been on the pump for 6 years come July 20th this year and yes it's so much easier. There are all types of pumps, you would have to see what works best for you, talk to your sister about it with the pros and cons of having a pump for me it out weighs the shots 10 - 1. I hope you are able to get everything you want in switching to a new doctor if need be, or even going to a Diabetic camp, perhaps looking at pumps too. After having the pump for 5 years, 11 months and 8 days? It's been the best thing I could have ever done. Though some times I get angry and throw my pump or take a "pump vacation" I know it's much better then having shots or even the pens!

Now, for the schedule I'm surprised. You shouldn't be held to something so strict. Life happens and that seems as if it's not workable. So you work around it. I highly would get a new Endocrinologist. Just from past experiences I've had some Endos who were in the room for 5 mins and then left me in there for an hour not coming back. Stuff like that is unacceptable and you should expect the unexpected from a doctor. Have you thought about getting involved in the local JDRF in your area? If you get involved in something like that, or a diabetes support group then you're not alone. If you don't want to give yourself a shot one day say at 5pm or 11pm, or even 5am! Ask your sister. "Hey, do you mind doing this for me I'm just so beat I need some help." one thing that I've not realized now is how much my mother helps me when I ask. There are times where I'm super low and I don't feel like treating, moving, or doing anything about it and I'm lying on the bed/couch/where ever I've passed out at from being so tired and she's usually waking me up to check my blood sugar. If I'm super low there she is with a spoonful of something I hate to get the blood sugar up. If you need to go to a carbohydrate counting class. Make you stress your dismay and sadness to them as well. Reach out to those around you. A friend, someone. There are many places where you can get materials. Diabetes Camps are ALWAYS a blast. If you have a Lions Camp anywhere near you find a sponsor and you could possibly [If you have two sponsors] go to two weeks of Diabetes Camps for free! I went to Camp Sweeney when I was a teenager and I went to Texas Lions Camp as well. To be with someone who had the same illness as myself I was relieved in the sense of knowing I wasn't alone.

And I want you to know YOU'RE not alone.

Remember this.. It gets me through the days on my rough time when I'm dealing with people who don't understand me, or someone said something.. "Be kind to Diabetics, we deal with enough p r i c k s."