Death/Injury of Meters?

So this past Saturday I was biking to my dad's house and I was carrying my meter on the handlebars, but the meter slipped off and I kind of...ran it over.  Anyway, it still works fine, but the top right corner has this big blueish spot on the screen, so it looks like it's bruised.  Does anyone else have horror stories about their meters (or pumps)?

Yep, one time i was at the pool with my best friend (also diabetic). She didn't have a purse so she threw her meter along with mine into my bag. Well, we were laying out and i had my purse under my lawn chair, and even though it was shady, it must have been freaking hot. because when i went to go test, it said 'fatal temperature error" or something and i freaked out, so i tried my friend's and hers said the same thing. i just took out the battery and let it cool off, though, and it ended up being okay, luckily haha


i was at snow camp and with the crazy schedules during the weekend my sugars were all over the place.  well i woke up at 4 am feeling "off"  i didn't know if i was low or hi.  i went to test and i got a temperature error cuz it was soooooo cold.  so i'm freaking out.  everyone else was asleep and i didn't want to eat or take a shot without having my BG so i took the meter out of the case and put it inside my clothes to warm up.  i don't remember if i ended up hi or low when i finally tested... but apparently i lived to tell about it...

snow camp is awesome!  Yay Orchard Hill!!!

At the 2008 Pro Bowl in Hawaii in the week before the game when they're practicing etc, Peyton Manning threw Jay Cuttler's meter into the swimming pool.  Said he thought it was his cell phone.

dd-man: HA HA.


my high school kept it at a frigid 45F year round. i had proof because every afternoon at lunch my meter wouldn't work because it was too cold. i had to warm it up in my hands and blow on it to get it warm up. it usually took 2 or 3 tries before i could test.

I left two meters outside before. One never worked again and the other worked but forever had a messed up screen after that. It doesn't really get colder than 30F where I grew up however I think the moisture from the bay wind and the fog is what ruined them.