Debating on getting a pump or not

Hi, my name is Reagan I’m a senior in high school and I’ve been on a pump since diagnosis almost I’ve taken one break. I love having a pump and I’m still envolved in extracurricular. I used to play football and baseball but stoped for personal reason having nothing to do with diabetes. I was on an omnipod and it was a good pump but o felt that it slowed me down since it was bulky especially when applied to my arm. However I recently switched to a tslim pump and love it especially with the new basal iQ. I still workout so when I take the pump off the site doesn’t bother me at all. Hope this was helpful if you have anymore questions DM me.

@BeccaG3 I can’t soeak for M - but I’ll say for me I found the Dexcom sensor so much better than Medtronic (I think this is what m is referring to). Pump wise - back during my last pump purchase- Medtronic was still doing the same old same old - tandem and Animas had better features and were more up to date. But omnipod offered tubeless which is what I really wanted (can’t stand tubes, wires, or cords with any device :blush::joy:). Both Omnipod and Tandem connect with Dexcom, or I should say that’s the CGM they recommend. Hoping for future integration between pump + Dexcom.