Decrease in bolus requirements?

Curious as to what your experiences are regarding possible reasons for a sustained–e.g. two weeks or more–and significant decrease–e.g. 30-40%–in bolus insulin requirements (but no change in basal/long-acting insulin needs)?

HI @BKN480 , in my experience, this happens if I make a big change in fat intake, or if I am exercising more especially if I am active after a meal, or, sometimes I get a very short term unexplained reduced meal-time need for insulin. good luck!.

Becky @BKN480, I experience changes needed in both basal and bolus insulin but never to the extreme 30-40% you are experiencing. Exception to that is when I tested positive for COVID I changed to my preset “Plus Profile” which delivered about 35% more insulin per day as my Base Profile.

Have you recently “validated” your basal rates to see if you may be at the point of overbasalization? Periodically [which reminds me that I should do this soon], I validate and adjust my basal by “fasting” for 18-hour periods throughout the day to see if I’ve programmed the proper rates. This gets a little tricky now with my closed-loop control IQ which needs to be switched off - then back on when testing is completed.
Another thought as @Joe mentioned, has the content of your overall diet changed? I experienced a need to reduce my insulin ratios a few years ago when my personal chef, we’ve been married 57 years, very subtly changed my diet to “more-healthy” without mentioning it to me.

Part of it is being a human being. You can use set amounts and they can even change day to day. Ask any endocrinologist. We are not machines. Every single day we can need a different amount of insulin for the same exact meals all day.

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Like @joe , since it’s your carb ratio that’s affected I’m thinking it has to do with what you’re eating. that includes medications, which can have an effect as well. Are you taking anything new (rhetorical question - I’m not asking for your med list😊)? I imagine it would affect both basal and bolus insulin but perhaps not.
Did this just start two or three weeks ago, or is it a floating pattern? If it’s repeating is cyclical and could be related to hormones, or perhaps even a different sleep pattern if someone works different shifts. Just brainstorming here.

Yeah I’m thinking exercise, which I’ve been able to do more of lately, fortunately. In the past I’ve needed less insulin for a meal if I plan on eating before being active, but lately, with the more intense routine, I’m needing less even for lunch and dinner, which I eat after exercising. So maybe it’s just an overall thing, right now.

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No diet change. I effectively fast e/day since I don’t eat breakfast, so I’m pretty sure my Lantus is right… Thanks for the suggestions! I needed way more insulin during COVID as well. shudder

This is true. I keep forgetting, haha.

No dietary/medication changes, but it does help to brainstorm! I do notice cyclical patterns, yes, thanks for mentioning that–though not to latest extreme. My best guess for this latest trend is an increased exercise routine–that’s my working hypothesis, anyway. Maybe it’s also just inexplicable. Anyway it helps to get others’ take. Thanks again!