Defective 504 Plan - CA/LA (LA County)

I am helping a family with their daughter’s 504 plan. I have compared the school’s 504 plan with the ADA sample 504 plan. The school 504 is one page.

I am in a different part of the country than my friend! . What reliable and reputable advocacy groups are there in Los Angles county.

@wadawabbit @joe @Dennis if any of you have ideas or if this needs to be in another group, please share.


Here is the 504 presented with all of the ID info removed.

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Hi @987jaj . I don’t have children so have no first- (or even second)-hand experience with 504s, but hopefully you’ll get good feedback. I don’t know if you can change your topic heading but you might want to indicate you’re in CA/LA to quickly catch the eye of forum members in your area.
Your endo and local diabetes chapter should be good resources to help you compose one. I would think you would include as much detail as needed to cover situations, regardless of the sample you were given. I don’t know how they’re constructed but I imagine keeping the details as succinct as possible so as to quickly catch the eye would be helpful - so rather than
“Jimmy’s blood sugar occasionally goes very low. This is an emergency which requires immediate assistance. Sometimes he begins cranky. Others he complains of blurry vision. He may have trouble concentrating, or will stagger and fall…” etc etc.“When this happens treat with…”

Maybe a bulleted list with a bold heading would be quicker to read:

"The following are symptoms of low blood sugar in Jimmy.

  • Crankiness
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Staggering/falling
  • (etc)

These need to be treated immediately with

  • your treatment items and
  • instructions on contacting you here

These are just my thoughts - they may have their own construction guidelines that take precedence.


Thanks, Dorie. As always you are a fountain of information. I have made the topic change you suggested and attached the meat of the 504 presented to my friend.

I wish I were closer to my friend so I could be there to support family and child. It appears to me, the school is just trying to say we have a 504 by the letter of the law while skirting the spirit of the law.

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You’re a very good friend. Thank you for providing the sample. My sister is developmentally disabled and everything up to the description of the condition made me think of questions that would apply to someone with intellectual or behavioral needs, but maybe it’s universal.
I hope other forum members give you some first-hand feedback - the only other thing I can suggest is that a medical social worker might be able to help too - even more so than the doctor, who might provide the treatment guidelines to include.
When will she be starting school?

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JDRF has resources here:

504 Plans - JDRF,

which includes a link to their toolkit, which includes a sample 504 plan and different state-specific language:

Thank you for being such a great friend!


Also, one thing that we found was worth spelling out in the 504 is that the student may have their supplies on their person, and may test and treat wherever they are. Just like someone without diabetes has a pancreas that they keep with them, that manages their blood sugar wherever they are. :slightly_smiling_face: Don’t put up with being told they have to go to the nurse’s office or leave the lesson unless it’s actually necessary.

Oh, and depending on how old the student is and how responsible they are, the endo will usually check a box for something like the student “needs trained personnel to test and treat,” or may test and treat “with supervision” or “independently.”

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J @987jaj , I don’t have first-hand experience with a %04 Plan; but I am aware that the Plan is a collaborate effort between Parent/Child, the School, and the child’s Care Provider and should be tailored specific to the child’s needs. One-size does not fit all, and the school may have different interpretation of “reasonable accommodation” from that of the parent.

Consider too the child’s ability to “do things” herself, and where assistance is needed, especially when hypo. You may already have at hand this JDRF outline of suggested items to include; the LA chapter may also provide assistance.


Hi @987jaj sorry to be late to the party. I am glad to see the examples and the documents already posted by @srozelle and @Dennis

I am inclined to also wonder about if the child can self advocate or not. Specifically, if your niece can test her own blood sugar and knows how to correct/ adjust. If no then a whole bunch of instructions need to be in there including who tests what decisions have to be made based on the tests, who gives insulin and exact instructions as to when they need to call the parents, etc. this includes the bus, the playground, and any school trips and pre and after school activities. If this is a middle/ high school student then a review is needed. I would suggest a set of instructions including testing and corrections during examinations and if she goes low during a test, extra time.

It’s really nice if you to help and I hope all goes well and that you and you family have good luck :four_leaf_clover: with the school.