Defend Against Diabetes

A clinical research study sponsored by JDRF for new-onset type 1 diabetes to help preserve the insulin producing cells so the person may continue to make some of his own insulin. Many clinical sites across the country & participants are paid compensation.   look at website :

I am the Research Nurse in the Florida site.

Thank you Madge for posting this. I am an RN CDE working with the study, called DEFEND-2. It's for people newly diagnosed with type 1, ages 12-45 years old, within the first 90 days of diagnosis. The reason one needs to get in the study early on is the time where you may still have beta cells, the cells that produce insulin. The study drug, otelixizumab, is being investigated to see if it will stop the autoimmune attack on the beta cells, and protect the beta cells from further attack. If so, this will mean one needs to use less insulin to get to their target numbers of blood sugar and A1C. This could mean less blood sugar swings, less complications, and better quality of life. Yes, this is an international study. Learn more at



I also am working with the study DEFEND 2 project.  I feel it is important for us to state that for readers that the study has several open centers currently enrolling.  As well, the side effedts reported in this study are noted to be minimal at this time.  For more information --Please check