Definitely Struggling. Help!

I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for about 4 going on 5 years now. In the beginning I was very confused but learned to accept my condition. Fast forward and recently I have been doing horrible. I’ve been in the hospital three times with DKA and my numbers are out of this world. My family says I’m in denial and I’m starting to believe that, but slowly I’m trying to get on the right track. It’s just so hard to accept the fact that I’m different and I have to constantly inject myself daily. The injections hurt but the fact that I’ve developed trust issues with my elder is by far depressing. Everyone is continuously beating me down and jumping down my throat and I just feel as though this is the only way that I can truly get help (aside from the doctor). Is anyone there that is willing to help me? What am I doing mentally that is making it where I don’t want to accept the fact that I have Type 1 Diabetes until the day I expire?

Hi! Don’t beat yourself up too much. I was diagnosed when I was 11, 28 years and I still wish this is just a bad dream and I will wake up from it ANY TIME. I’m willing to help, to listen and maybe to vent together if you like.

Yes, please, if you don’t mind. Is there any specific app you’d like to chat on? Or on here? I just really don’t know at this point and my elders cannot relate to me because they don’t have this condition. All they do is tell me not to eat things with sugar and they give me the evil eye if I decide to have a piece of bread. It hurts!

I can totally relate. I hated it when people are “watching” me and telling me not to eat what I wanted to eat! I don’t have kik, and don’t FB on my phone anymore, I do have instagram or you can call me or text me or email me. :slight_smile:

My Instagram is the same as my username! (@blehxmanda) Maybe then I’ll give you my personal number and we can go from there? Thank you so much, dear! @Brenda66318

You are very welcome! I sent a message already, I used the same picture!

I don’t see the message! @Brenda66318

Hi . When I was first diagnosed I was taken to hospital by a car my doctor sent to my office and he was waiting for me in the emergency room .I was feeling really lousy and had gone to my GP described my symptoms and he sent me to lab . When he saw the results he called by office and told me I don’t want you to drive I am sending a car come into the hospital . I asked him what’s the matter he said your sugar level is extremely high.I had 800
I was in complete denial and sure that I had a virus and it would go away .If the nurse came to teach me how to inject myself and would ask God please have the telefone ring and then I would pick it up and talk on the telefone and she would go away .The specialist I had gave me a good talk and said it is normal for you not to want to accept this but until you learn how to inject the insulin you stay right here in hospital
I am 68 I was diagnosed at 38 I still sometimes get very frustrated because inexplicably my sugar level will go up and I haven’t done anything to bring it up
Ask your doctor for a prescription for the GCM which is continuos glucose monitor it has helped me immensely you will learn how you react to certain foods,excersice, stress . I will show at what times of the dawn hours your level goes up
Sit down with your elders and asked them to attend a support group they give you the evil eye because they love you very much and they don’t know any better but they are really hurting you without knowing
You can call me or text me 7863031093

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I agree with @mlecuona 100%. your love ones LOVE YOU, that’s why they watch out for you, I did not understand it either when I was 11, it was a hard, giant pill to swallow for a teenage girl to deal with this life changing disease, I have been there (a lot of us here have as well)so I understand it totally. CGM is a great idea, I just started Dexcom G5 2 weeks ago and it has helped me to understand my BG trend so much better! I never skipped my MDI the past 28 years I was on the pen, I’m very lucky that I have never had DKA but lack of checking BG frequently, my BG has not being under the greatest control and that’s taking a toll on my body, and you don’t want that. Have you heard of a phrase says, “if you want to win a game, you have to understand how to play the game well!” We are playing a game with T1DM, and if we want to win this game, we have to know how to control our BG well. And NO, it is not easy. We will talk more.

I have a bit of experience, having been a Type 1 diabetic for 60 years now, started on 4/9/1956. What kept me going over the years was a simple thing my Mom told me shortly after my diagnosis:

“Everybody has problems. Yours is diabetes and you have to live with it.” I decided that was my basic rule. Others have migraines for instance, and I have diabetes. So I’m just as good as anybody else, so I need to respect myself and do as well as I can.

Also note that when I was diagnosed Type 1 (then known as Juvenile) diabetes was a newly realized disease, and the only thing to do was get on a strictly run diet on a specific schedule, with precise insulin doses prescribed by my doctor. Testing consisted of ONLY urine testing, which confused more than helped, since it usually told me where I had been some 8 hours before IF and ONLY if I was over 180… I could go on and on, but my point is that there is so much more available now, you just need to accept the situation and deal with it. Don’t hide it from anybody, or feel you are being punished, you only have a built in problem that is different than most people’s and at least you have a workable disease that takes some attention.

When my bg goes in unexpected directions my only thought is “How do I correct this to be at a good level within the next few hours.” Then I act on it. If really low I may mention it to someone just to be safe, but I haven’t needed assistance in many years. I refuse to beat myself up for bad results, I just make corrections and go on.

I also tell people about my diabetes fairly often and will explain about it if they wish. If they tell me it’s terrible to have it I just tell them my health is better than most people’s BECAUSE of my diabetes. If I didn’t have it since age 5 I’m sure my health would be worse.