Delayed lows

Has anyone ever noticed that after exercise, you go low yes, but also it tends to stay low after a while? And if you have noticed that, how long does the effect of the exercise last?

For me, it is about a 3 hour effect after intense exercise. Goes down depending on the amount and time of the exercise.

Post excercise my low tends to last for about an hour. Depending upon the excercise I do, my sugar does one of two things. If I do an intense run my sugar tends to stay low. If i just use the treadmill or an elliptical machine for over a half hour my sugar will drop for a bit, but usually an hour later I will see it climb steadily to around 160+. It is very odd and disturbing to see this go on. I need to talk to my educator about this and keep forgetting to.

depending on what i treated the low with it will last all day.

Exercise, especially intense exercise, results in your muscles still burning energy for a period of time following how long you've exercised. The body needs to replace what it has burned, and it will be in catch-up mode until it actually catches up, which could be up to several hours later. For me, it's usually 30 minutes to an hour, but I usually don't overdo exercising.