Demo Pumps - what's out there?

After 25 years of living with shots, I'm starting to consider a pump. I've rejected the idea of a pump for years (since they arrived on the market) because they seemed cumbersome, awkward, etc. I didn't like the idea of something attached to me by a long cord 24/7. It wasn't until the tubeless pump concept came up that I started to get interested.

I'm currently (as of this morning) testing wearing the Omnipod. I love that the company sends out, for free, a demo pod, so you can try it for three days and see how it feels. So far it's fine. I'm not noticing it's there. I think the real test will be sleeping with it. It seems a bit thick to stick out of my abdomen, but not terrible.

Another tubeless one, Solo by Medingo, is not yet available, but has been approved by the FDA. That company too sent me a sample one to try. It's about the same size as the Omnipod, but slimmer (not as thick.) I'm going to try that one next.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe moving to a pump is a good idea. (The tissue damage and scar tissue I've built up using MDI and taking shots for 25 years, is starting to take its toll.)

Do other companies offer demo models to test out like this?

Any Omnipod users out there who have been disappointed? (I've read about failure rates.)

Anyone else testing out pumps somehow, and can give some advice?

A friend's co-worker has on. She alway manage s to knock against something and the Omnipod detaches. Think of what you will be doing that day and then decided where to put it. I have the traditional pump w/ a short cord 23". The 42" cord is the problem.