Have you been through it ? How did you get out of it ?

i think at one point and time we all have been through it. I know when we was in the hospital i had a really hard time accepting the fact Shyla was diabetic and then when they said Type 1!! Oh, there is no way My baby was suppose to be a type one Diabetic!! But then i went to the one place where i KNEW i could find comfort. I went to the hospital chapel. There i broke!! I wept, i prayed, and i felt Gods strength lift me up!! Then i was able to realize, why not my daughter!! She is human just like every other child who is struck with this disease so who was i to ask why MY daughter. I then realized how sick she truly was. How truly close to death she truly was!! Then my denial turned to praise!! God, let me take my baby home!! God gave her the strength to fight and say hey my time here isn't over yet!!! I feel He gave me back my baby better!! Now, she is healthier than she has been in a very long time!! Now she eats healthier than she ever has and she just looks so much healthier and happier!!

So, I dealt with my denial with prayer and just staying positive!! Now saying, oh my poor baby, oh my poor sick baby!! NO, cause she isn't sick!! She was sick when she didn't have insulin in her. Now, she gets her insulin and she is so HEALTHY!!. So when denial does try to sneak up on you think of all the wonder possitve things there are!! Think about that kiss you little one just gave you or that big ol hug. Think about when they tell you what they want to be when they grow up. Isn't all of that worth the meds and test they take?

I truly feel us as the parents go through all the emotions more than the kids do. My daughter has just taken all of this "with a grain of salt". She cried once when i first really explained diabetes to her. She said she too was going to pray and honestly from that day she will ask questions but she just accepts it and keeps going. But we parents feel the burden of the what ifs and the try down sides of diabetes IF not taken care of the correct way.....

I dont think its something I have done. I mean at times I cant believe it but I know Riley is diabetic. There are even times for brief moments that I even forget but down right being in denial over it no.

I've been t1 for 28 years and haven't been in denial. There were times I was in HORRIBLE control, but I can't blame it on pretending I didn't have it, just on not caring enough. I';ve heard a lot of people mention this in high school / college on here though...

hi meme,

I think denial is a part of grieving.  For me, denial is a protective barrier, not letting me see the whole truth at once, because to do so would be brutal trauma.  If it is part of a process then the natural thing is to move past it.  Some take longer, some are okay sooner.  Unless someone gets stuck, or it becomes pathology, you move through denial all on your own.

No one admits they are in denial because no one readily recognizes it. when it is happening to them.  Other people can tell, but we can’t.  That’s why supportive people are helpful, not so much to tell me that I am BS’ing myself, absolutely not to make demands that I change, but to understand that I might be doing the best that I can do for now, and to laugh with me when I finally wake up.

I've never been in denial.  I know what having no insulin in my body does to me and I know that if I were to stop pumping/injecting insulin into myself then I would get really sick.  So to me ever denying the fact that I have diabetes wouldn't be logical. 

I agree with Katie. At best, ignoring that you have T1 would maybe reduce some anxiety in the really really short-term. I don't see how anyone could keep avoiding the thing that is needed to sustain their life because the eventual cost of doing nothing would be much worse than the cost of doing something. Eventually, I would think most people would come take insulin because, if nothing else, it reduces physical discomfort.

ya i used to not care before i knew how to give shots and didnt have the pump, so i would go out and just munch a little bit with my friends and when i got home it would all add up!! 

now i still go out, but i am on the pump and always always check & bolus!

Denial, not sure. There are times when my numbers look really good and I wonder maybe I am getting better. The only reason I think this is I was 52 when they told me, a year and half ago. But just once if I forget my insulin my body reminds me quite clearly I AM TYPE 1, bs goes though the roof. LOL No denial they told me in ICU in DKA, my first time overnight in a hospital.

My Daugthers my Hero - your post really touched me.  Thanks for sharing.

Meme - I haven't been in denial over Leeann - having a hard time at moments and wanting it to not be true, yes.  I am still mad at moments.  It's still fresh for us.  I have heard of denial stories though - in fact, an aunt of mine has been sharing that her niece is now in denial.  She has been T1 for 6 years and will just stop taking her insulin.  She is in HS and from what I understand, this happens to a lot of people.  We all handle, cope and deal with things our own way.  I hope you get through your hard time soon - sometimes we get stuck but keep pushing through.  :)

I haven't had denial, but I have wanted to quit or cry at times. 

When I feel that way, I take a trip to the book store or online and research the bajebers out of the resources I can find.

Cry or quit. Haven't we all!!!!!!! LOL

hi Joe,I so get this and it speaks for our family and situation.I have just one question...Where you said.....or it becomes pathology.Thanks :)

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hi Joe,I so get this and it speaks for our family and situation.I have just one question...Where you said.....or it becomes pathology.Thanks :)


"or it becomes pathology" means to me - sometimes you need the professional help of doctors and/or medicine to move past it.  many people have been helped by psychotherapy, many people have been helped with modern psychoactive drugs. 

Thanks everyone:)

I think there are multiple levels of denial, when it come to T1. I know one way I cope is by saying "I just have to test and bolus when I eat and get my basal insulin and I'll be fine." Ignoring the complications are highs and lows can also be denial. Not denial that I have diabetes - I'm doing well with that one - but denial of what that could mean for me in the future.