Denied Health Insurance in CT.. Help?

I live/work in CT and have been Type 1 Diabetic for 9 years. I just recently got a new job that I will be starting next week. This company does not have a company health insurance plan, but they will reimburse employees for 70% of the individual plan that they chose. This is the first time that I have had to find my own insurance, rather than being on a company policy. I was shocked to find that I was automatically denied by every company that I contacted, because of my Type 1 Diabetes. I tried Cigna, Anthem, Connecticare, Aetna... What can I do? Apparently Obamacare's law that insurance companies cannot deny someone based on a pre-existing condition does not go into effect for adults until January of 2014. This is so disappointing.. I saw that there is a pre-existing condition insurance, but you are not even eligible to apply for it until you have been without insurance for at least 6 months. Any suggestions? What do the rest of you from CT do for insurance? Thanks so much for the help!