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i am going to be going in for some major dental work in a month or two and was wondering what you all do about your sugar levels when going in for long procedures?  do you lower your dosage, eat more carb/sugar before the appt?  im worried about crashing since i am going to be having all of my teeth removed that are remaining and it will be lengthy.  i know i need to talk to my endo about it, but was wondering what you guys think?

for my dental work, i've always been scheduled to be the first person in the morning. for my widsom teeth, i take my lantus but don't eat or take my novorapid before hand. for my wisdom teeth, they had a specialist there to put me under who would keep an eye on my blood sugar(test me while i was under) and they talked to my endo before they started. afterwards, i had to be looked after by my mom but didn't even experience any problems. for my root canal, which took longer than usual, i just did my regular routine.

I would just take your normal dose and if guessing on some CHO, I wouldn't try to up the dose.  You may just run high normally with the worry of that procedure.

Hi Tonya -

I've had dental work done (wisdom teeth) over ten years ago. I was still taking daily multiple injections and my parents were pretty much in charge of that. I do remember being one of the first procedures of the day and I was not put under. That made it quite the experience! I believe my mom was in the room with me, and would test my blood to make sure things were fine. Nothing major happened, and I was back home in no time with bags of ice! I'm sure things would be better/easier with a pump.

Hope everything goes well and that you have a quick recovery!

~ Anna

The big question your endo will probably want to know is if you'll be eating and when. As others mentioned, doctors usually schedule us for first thing in the morning for procedures, assuming it's less time to worry about not eating. But, afterwards, it sounds like you'd have some recovery time before you can eat purees?

If you don't plan on eating anything for part of the day, they'll usually recommend: don't take any boluses and take half of your basal. I usually run high in these cases due to nerves/stress, but going in, I personally feel better being in the 190-220 range rather than near low. If you're under for more than an hour, you should ask them to test your BG.

Obviously, check with your endo though. (: I only play a doctor on tv!!

I hope you're procedure going smoothly!

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I hope you're procedure going smoothly!


I just noticed that perhaps the grammatical part of my brain was maybe removed in a procedure, lol! ("your" and "goes")