today i had an experience i got my very first filling at the age of 18

luckily, i've never had any cavities or fillings or root canals or anything. i had braces and head gear in 5th grade (go ahead and laugh - i was a dork), and i had a bunch of adult molars pulled because my jaw is too small.

ya i still have a numb mouth and it happened 3 hours ago and the dentist is like this might hurt and i was like im used to needles im diabetic he like oh

my dentist has known my family for years (he went to high school with my parents) so he knows i'm diabetic. he always asks me how my BGs have been because high BGs can cause cavities. he's a nice guy - i like him. he has hair like richard simmons.

nice he aasked me too how mine was doin he pretty cool

I love my dentist.  My mom and brother go to him, as well.  My dentist's daughter has T1 too, and he's involved with our local chapter of JDRF, so we always have something to talk about.  I guess he does most of the talking - heh.


mine knows about it but my hole town its very uneducated when it comes to diabetes i always get the did u check ur blood pressure at gym when i mess up

educate them :o)

trust me iv try the only way they learn is like today i was an animal at softball and they jst shut up and yesterday i got called type 2