Depression during the holidays?

Every year around the holidays I find myself feeling down. Although I have my beautiful son who was born last year to celebrate all of the holidays with I still have an empty feeling because my mom and Aunt won't be around. I also get really bad anxiety because of all of the extra food and stress of preparing holiday meals and all of the chaos that goes along with it just makes me crazy!! Does anyone have any tips of how you actually survive!! 

Here’s some things I do:

Light a candle in a quiet moment and have a “chat” with my mom

Get some exercise, especially outdoors (weather permitting)

Cut back on holiday “shoulds”

Simplify meals and buy cookies from a local bakery

Avoid crowds and shop online (helps me a lot)

Ask for help!!

And remember that Christmas is about hope and love: as the song goes, “let your heart be light”