Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking your time to read this. It has taken a lot of courage for me to post this on here. I have been very depressed the past couple of years..

My dad passed away when i was six, Shortly after my grandpa passed away, My grandma has been in and out of the hospital, My uncle had a heart attack - still living, My friend Jonah passed away, My sugars have been high, My mom and I argue a lot, I have lost some friends, I lost my most important friend who I told everything to, and I feel like I'm invisible to most people.

If you have any advice, I would love to hear it.

I really need someone to talk to.

If you want to start a conversation that would be great too.


I think you should talk to a school councilor about this. You are not alone. A school councilor can be someone to talk to help with life's difficulties and can refer you to other experts if you need it. My 12 year old had a really difficult year this past year too. Therapy and support from his school councilors really made a difference in his life.

One thing I can tell you is that the things you are going through are normal life experiences. Everyone goes through them at some time or another. Everyone. It is just your time to get dumped on a little more than usual. It will get better and then again there will be times that it gets tough again. This is normal and with a little help you will learn how to deal with it and come out stronger than ever.

First off i'm sorry that you've gone through that all. :/ But seriously use ALL of those experiences to Grow, To become something that you've only imagined in your dreams. Start a Blog, Post your Feelings, Views or shoot even Thoughts. OR just write them down in a book. I started doing this and it helps me throw my emotions into something most people love to read. There are people on this Forum who'd love to talk to you. Me being one of them, I love to hear peoples views and stories.

Don't let deaths and everything get to you. Though they were all someone close, learn from their deaths or their downfalls and grow. Become something Greater then you could even imagine. Trust me i've had my fair share of downfalls and hurts. But i grew from them and am a bigger person then most the people i know. Seriously you are a strong person i know this as everyone is.. But most just never see it. Just Believe in Yourself and ANYTHING in life is possible. Trust me on that.

Hope this helped, if need be add me on here and message me i'd love to talk about anything..


Thank you Terry and Jared so much!

Hey Olivia,

I read this and I would have to say that I know exactly how you feel and exactly what you are going through because I've been through similar circumstances.  My father passed away when I was 18.  Not even a year later my grandmother passed away.  After that my mother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my family started having other problems and issues.  What I've learned through everything I've been through thus far in my life is that you have to learn from your experiences and grow from them.  When my father passed away I was crushed.  I didn't think I would make it through that.  But somehow I made it through and became a stronger person because of it.  At the time I hadn't gone to college and was working and after he passed away I managed to get myself through college.  Its definitely not easy at times and there are times I get depressed even now and just want to give up.  But I just keep telling myself that I can make it through and that I can do it.  If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me.

OH huh, i'm so sorry. Sounds like you have been having a very hard time of it. First off you are not invisible. Maybe its time to get out and make some new friends. They come in go in our lives and we are always meeting new people. Tomorrow may be the day you find the best friend you have ever had. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going...<HUGS>

Stay strong Olivia. You are not invisible. You've been through a lot, and you need to keep your head up, because others around you are going through these things too. You should really try to talk to your mother and let her know how down you feel that you argue often. I think that having support from your mom will really help everything else fall into place. Make sure to tell your loved ones, such as your grandma and uncle how much they mean to you, because it will make them feel good and they will make you feel good. Find a hobby to take your mind off of lost friendships, and initiate more friendships. Just believe in yourself and know that you are worth a lot. Never give up!

Listen to happy songs!



I know for sure that diabetes adds to my depression....come on, its just one more thing to have to try and work on with the 50,0000 other things life throws at you....

  Depression. Diabetes. An average  of 1,825 stinkin'  painful shots short lasting per year. 365 burning hot lantus shots (long lasting insulin). no kidding carter, it is totally lame.  Another billion flippin things to think to think about. answer to this.Thanks for taking your  precious time to read this.            -ununderstandable